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Uncover the dynamics of Waste Collection with Eagle-IoT Waste Management Solution  

Monitor any type of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, 

electronics, metal….) and level of filling, several times a day with our Smart Eagle-IoT ultrasonic sensor. 

Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure  

Map all your existing containers via mobile app including photo and GPS position. Create cloud based digital bin inventory with an interactive map.  Update inventory, record maintenance or report problem on-site using mobile app or a RFID reader.  

Maximize the utilization of your resources with single waste collection route 

See actual fullness on the interactive map before planning the use of vehicle capacities. Filter your bins by trash type, capacity, pricing and collection interval. Whole infrastructure such as stand/bin can be monitored any time on an interactive map via the Street View feature from Google. 
Plan your maintenance runs with step-by-step navigation for drivers with our Route Planning Module 

Driver App

Manholes Early Overflow Warning System   

Measures water level in a manhole with fully adjustable water level indicators (tentacles) for different depths. Octopus can detect up to 3 different thresholds up to 25 meters. With the rising water level, the tentacles recognize when they start floating and send event driven notification via GPRS or GSM network.  

Platform issues the notification as an early overflow warning. A customized notifications can be sent via SMS or email.  

Indoor Waste Management 

Get rid of overflowing bins or unnecessary disruption by waste collection with Eagle-IoT Indoor Waste Management solution