Axle Load Monitoring

Prevent over-loading with Eagle-IoT Axle Load Monitoring
Solution to keep your fleet safe and compliant

Axle Load Monitoring

Axle Load Monitoring of heavy transport is always considered as one of the major components of Telematics. Eagle-IoT offers Axle Load Monitoring Solution to the owners of fleet of public transport,commercial vehicles and trucks, construction machines, municipal vehicles to monitor cargo transportation process in detail with the precision of 90% as instructed by the Public Transport Authority (Saudi Arabia). Whether your vehicle has a spring leaf axle or a pneumatic axle, Eagle-IoT offers a reliable solution for both.

The Eagle-IoT Advantage:

Empowering Your Journey to Wellness

Reveal Underhand Cargo

Prevent fines for exceeding load per axle and reveal underhand cargo

Loading-unloading control

Monitor loading and unloading of the vehicles to know when and where the driver loaded and unloaded the vehicle along with the valuable information about the location and time of vehicle.

Optimize Cargo Load

Use maximum capacity of vehicle.Perform big-data analysis to improve operational efficiency with fleet data

Alarm Signal

Get live notifications about actual load carried along with location.



Air Pressure Sensors
Mechanical Sensors
Strain Sensors

The Eagle-IoT Advantage

  •  Round-the-clock monitoring even in areas with limited cellular coverage 

  • Keep check of an unauthorized access, tampering, or unscheduled loading/unloading with dual mode connectivity 

  • Prevent spoilage claims with alarms and remote temperature control features. 

  • Prevents the risks to drivers and cargo from cellular network jammers 

  • Track the whereabouts of lost assets and cargo. 

  • Eliminate blind spots and safeguard cargo 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How does Eagle-IoT's Axle Load Monitoring Solution work?

Eagle-IoT’s solution provides live updates of the vehicle load, weight at each location, historical charts of load, and a historical track of load on a map. It also offers exportable reports on vehicle load, driver behavior event reports, vehicle overloading indication, weight sensor tampering detection, alerts and notifications, and more.

What types of vehicles can benefit from Eagle-IoT 's Axle Load Monitoring Solution?

The solution is designed for owners of fleets of public transport, commercial vehicles, trucks, construction machines, municipal vehicles and all heavy transport vehicles.

Does Eagle-IoT's solution work for different types of axles?

Yes, Eagle-IoT’s solution is compatible with both spring leaf axles and pneumatic axles.

What are the advantages of using Eagle-IoT's Axle Load Monitoring Solution?

The advantages include preventing fines for exceeding load per axle, revealing underhand cargo,monitoring loading and unloading, optimizing cargo load, improving operational efficiency with fleet data, and receiving live notifications about the actual load carried along with location

What technologies are used in Eagle-IoT's Axle Load Monitoring Solution?
  • The solution utilizes air pressure sensors, mechanical sensors, and strain sensors t accurately

Does Eagle-IoT's solution offer route optimization?

Yes, route optimization is one of the features provided by Eagle-IoT’s Axle Load Monitoring Solution.

Can Eagle-IoT's solution monitor driver behavior?

Yes, the solution provides driver behavior event reports along with the amount of load carried.

Does Eagle-IoT's solution offer additional features beyond axle load monitoring?

Yes, Eagle-IoT’s solution also includes features such as dash cam, driver authorization, seat belt monitoring, door monitoring, live tracking, panic button, crash detection alert, asset utilization, on-board diagnostics, remote immobilization, maintenance reminders.

Prevent Over-Loading with Eagle-IoT's Axle Load Monitoring Solution Ensuring Fleet Safety and Compliance

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