Thermal Mapping

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Thermal mapping is a technique performed by accurately measuring and mapping each relevant point to ensure every point within the defined area establishes the certain acceptance criteria. Thermal mapping is applicable for reach-in or walk-in controlled temperature units (CTU) or controlled environmental units (CTE). The procedure is performed over a certain period of time to ensure the accuracy of system and precise temperature range without excursion.  

Thermal Mapping Services

NIST 3-Point Calibration certified data Loggers  

Reports are generated in compliance with FDA 21CFR11 certified application


Conducting a site survey to verify assessment plan


Generating Thermal Mapping Protocols to govern the assessment


Installing thermal loggers based on definitions identified in the protocol


Generating the assessment report with recommendations

We Perform

Thermal Mapping Services for







Cold Storages

Data Centers

Temperature shifts can be drastic for warehouses and cold storages. Thermal mapping ensures the effectiveness of refrigeration units and fluctuations of temperature and humidity in those area, so you can make the required adjustments to assure the quality of your product.

Besides this thermal mapping technique can help in determining door opening interval and frequency, potential role change of cold store, rack placements, placement of thermal monitors.

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