IT Asset Management(ITAM)

Take Control of Your IT Assets with Eagle-IoT ITAM

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a strategic approach to managing and optimizing an organizations IT assets. This includes hardware, software, and other technology resources throughout their lifecycle. Effective ITAM ensures that assets are utilized efficiently, risks are minimized, and IT investments provide maximum value.


Asset Discovery

Automatically discover and catalog all IT assets within your organization.

Track Asset Lifecycle

Track each assets journey, from procurement through deployment,

maintenance, and disposal.

Inventory Management

Maintain a detailed and up-to-date inventory of hardware and software assets.

Compliance Management

Ensure all assets comply with licensing and
regulatory requirements.


Real-time Asset Tracking with RFID

Leverage RFID technology for precise
location and status tracking of all IT assets, eliminating blind spots.

Cost Optimization

Analyze and manage the costs associated with IT assets, including purchase, maintenance, and depreciation

Compliance and Audit Readiness

Ensure compliance with software licensing and regulatory requirements, with audit trails and reporting.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate detailed reports and analytics to make informed decisions and demonstrate the value of IT investments.

Asset Discovery and Inventory

Automated discovery and continuous
inventory of all IT assets across your organization.

    Lifecycle Management

    Manage every stage of an asset;s lifecycle, from acquisition to retirement.

      User Accountability

      Track asset usage by specific users, promoting responsible handling and minimizing loss.


      Define virtual boundaries and receive alerts when assets enter or leave designated areas (enhancing security and control).

        Why Choose Our IT Asset Management Solution?

        Operational Efficiency

        Automate routine tasks like asset check-in/out, maintenance scheduling, and
        overdue asset alerts, freeing up IT staff for strategic initiatives.

        Enhanced Security

        Identify and mitigate security risks associated with IT assets, ensuring data
        protection and regulatory compliance.

        Increased Visibility

        Gain unparalleled visibility of all IT assets, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.

          Scalable Solution

          Adapt to your organization's growing needs with a scalable ITAM solution that
          accommodates future expansion.

          Improved Compliance

          Ensure adherence to licensing agreements and regulatory standards, reducing
          the risk of fines and penalties.

          Cost Savings

          Optimize asset utilization, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, and extend the
          lifecycle of your IT investments.

            Other Solutions from Eagle-IoT’s Marketplace to Explore:

            Enterprise IT Departments

            Centralize asset management across multiple locations and departments for large organizations.customer satisfaction.

            Managed Service Providers

            Offer comprehensive ITAM services to clients, enhancing service delivery and
            customer satisfaction.


            Maintain strict compliance with regulations and ensure the security of sensitive patient data by managing IT assets effectively.


            Optimize the use of IT resources in educational institutions, from K-12 to higher education, ensuring that technology investments support learning outcomes.resource allocation.

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

            What is IT asset management?

            IT asset management (ITAM) is the process of tracking and managing an organization&s IT assets throughout their lifecycle.

            How does Eagle-IoTs ITAM solution integrate with other systems?

            Our ITAM solution offers seamless integration with ITSM, ERP, and other IT management systems.

            What types of assets can be managed with Eagle-IoTs ITAM solution?

            Our solution manages a wide range of IT assets, including hardware, software, and network devices.

            How can ITAM help with regulatory compliance?

            TAM ensures that all assets comply with licensing agreements and regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

            What kind of reporting capabilities does Eagle-IoTs ITAM solution offer?

            Our solution provides detailed reports and analytics to help you make  informed decisions and demonstrate the value of IT investments.

            How is the temperature inside a reefer container monitored?

            Eagle-IoT utilizes strategically placed sensors within the reefer unit to continuously monitor the temperature. This real-time data is then transmitted wirelessly to our platform, providing a remote and accessible monitoring solution.

            Take Control of Your IT Assets with Eagle-IoT ITAM

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