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Digital Myth Solutions, established in 2007, is an SFDA and TGA-approved service provider, considered to be the pioneer of fleet management services in Saudi Arabia. Eagle-IoT is a state-of-the-art fleet management platform that DMS has brought to the market, specializing in vehicle tracking, fleet management, and asset management. Eagle-IoT provides Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses of all sizes. Eagle-IoT is continuously evolving in multi-faceted technology trends, offering a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients



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We Believe

Fleets are indispensable for the growth of economy

Inevitably the roads become safer with every vehicle embracing the fleet technology. We believe safer roads lead to create positive impact on the boom of economy.

To ensure the perks of economy expansion reaches all corners of country we at Eagle-IoT have developed an IoT based powerful, modern day full stack fleet management ecosystem catering the need of every stakeholder in the fleet economy.




Our Clients

Eagle-IoT’s portfolio and clients are extensively spread across various industries in Saudi Arabia 

Our Partners

Discover the organizations that Eagle-IoT partner with to bring you the best products and services 



SaaS IoT Platform

Expand your business horizons with Eagle-IoT SaaS-based portal and telematics tracking devices.


Eagle-IoT platform is a true cloud-based platform that is scalable vertically and

Global Access

The platform is globally accessible through web applications and beautifully
designed iOS and Android apps


Identity Access Management with 2- factor authentication ensures secure
access with tenant level privileges

Locally Hosted

Eagle-IoT with all its services is hosted inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
(Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Jeddah

CITC License

ITC – the regulatory body for IT and communications granted DMS license to provide services in Saudi Arabia

Transport General Authority

TGA approved DMS as a service
provider for the Smart Mobility
and Transportation System
Eagle-IoT is now connected with

Saudi Food & Drug Authority

As part of the TGA initiative, Eagle-IoT upgraded the services to cater SFDA requirements and got an approval to provide monitoring services to the cold chain

Cybersecurity Compliance

DMS started implementing a 5-year cybersecurity implementation plan as per the CITC CRF (Cybersecurity Regulatory Framework)

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