Monitor and Protect your Containers with end-to-end visibility. 

Eagle-IoT Container Monitoring Solution provides shipping lines, cargo owners, cold store managers, and other stakeholders with useful insights when and where they need them. Track your containers seamlessly in transit via land, sea, and at ports/terminals/depots/railyards with dual (4G/LTE + Satellite) mode of connectivity. Get notified for loading/unloading events. Remotely manage container access with RFID and app authorization. 


Global connectivity through Satellite (Iridium)

Live status updates

Historical track

Cross-continental/Off shore track

Container to Vessel/Airfreight assignment

Container dispatch and arrival notifications

Temperature and Humidity monitoring

Door Monitoring (Multi-door containers supported)

Movement detection


Crash/impact detection

Tilt detection on 3-axis

Reefer Container Monitoring 

Get real-time insights on the location and status of containers to track the progress of shipments and identify any potential delays. The temperature and humidity monitoring features ensure the integrity of cargo. Eagle-IoT also offers trip-based monitoring to track containers for a specific period of time, such as during transit or while they are stored in a terminal. In addition, you can monitor and track the status of gensets in transit and stationed in container terminals and depot to ensure their safety and efficient operations. 

Rail tracking and railcar location monitoring 

Improve visibility of railcars and cargo to optimize fleet performance and prevent delay. Detect crashes and other incidents involving railcars to protect your cargo and assets. Monitor the temperature, humidity and fuel levels of refrigerated railcars to ensure that your cargo arrives in good condition. 

Port and container terminal equipment and vehicle management 

Gain complete visibility about the status and location of port equipment and vehicle fleets. Improve utilization, maintenance and operational efficiency with real-time data on the performance of your port equipment and vehicles

Container Maintenance Management

Reduce the number of physical inspections required to ensure the working of reefer containers with Eagle-IoT maintenance scheduling. Eliminate black holes and improve crew safety by scheduling maintenance for each asset. A system-generated email notification can be issued to authorized personnel when an asset’s periodic maintenance is due. Automate pre-trip inspections and other manual checks to improve crew safety and efficiency. 

Chassis tracking

Improve chassis  utilization and reduce dwell times. Save time and labor costs by automating chassis locating; improving distribution and yard planning. Gain complete visibility of chassis location to prevent theft and improve customer service. 



Iriduim satellite connectivity




3-axis accelerometer


Detection of unauthorized access to containers

Monitoring of container temperature and humidity 

Real-time tracking of container location 

Scalable and flexible solution

Integration with existing systems 

Alerts for cargo delays, route changes other events

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the dual mode of connectivity work?
The dual mode of connectivity in the Eagle-IoT Solution combines 4G/LTE and satellite communication to provide uninterrupted tracking and monitoring capabilities, regardless of the container’s location. The system automatically switches between the two modes depending on the container’s connectivity conditions, ensuring you stay connected at all times.
Can the Eagle-IoT Solution be integrated with the existing systems?
Yes, it can be seamlessly integrated with other technologies, enabling you to leverage your current infrastructure and improve overall efficiency.
How can I track my containers?
You can track your containers seamlessly in transit via land, sea, and at ports/terminals/depots/railyards with dual (4G/LTE + Satellite) mode of connectivity.
What notifications will I receive?
You will be notified for loading/unloading events, allowing you to stay informed about the movement of your containers. Besides this, an alert will be generated for undesired temperature deviation. Notifications will be generated when container will dispatch and arrive.
Can I remotely manage container access?
Yes, Eagle-IoT’s solution allows you to remotely manage container access using RFID and app authorization.
Does the solution support rail tracking and railcar location monitoring?
Yes, the solution supports rail tracking and provides real-time monitoring of railcar location.
Can I monitor reefer containers?
Yes, Eagle-IoT’s solution allows for real-time tracking of reefer containers, including monitoring container’s temperature and humidity.
Can unauthorized access to containers be detected?
Yes, the solution includes detection of unauthorized access to containers, providing an added layer of security.
Is the solution scalable and flexible?
Yes, the solution is designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating the unique needs and requirements of your container monitoring operations.
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