Eagle-IoT Fleet Fuel Management

Go beyond basic tracking. Optimize every drop with Eagle-IoT’s industry-leading Fleet Fuel Management System.

Eagle-IoT Fleet Fuel Management System

Log, track, and analyze every gallon. Eagle-IoT Fuel Management System offers
powerful fuel insight with CANbus data; identify high-consumption vehicles and allocate them based on their usage. Eagle-IoT is committed to helping businesses optimize fleet fuel usage, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiency.


Smart Financial Planning:

Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring fuel rates, (fuel consumption/liters for today, yesterday, last week, and last month) facilitating strategic financial planning for your fleet.

Insightful Comparisons:

Enhance your understanding with comparative charts showcasing fuel rates and accelerator pedal positions, providingvaluable insights for optimized fleet performance.

Theft Detection Alert:

Instant alerts for abrupt fuel level drops, ensuring swift action against theft.

Idling Cost:

Track and manage idling costs per trip to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Historical Fuel Journey:

Visualize the historical journey of your fuel levels through interactive charts, gaining valuable insights for future decisions.

Effortless Invoice Management:

Seamlessly upload invoices in bulk against each asset using the ZATCA QR codes, streamlining your administrative processes.

Per Asset Summary:

Get a detailed summary of fuel-related data for each asset.

Budgeting Precision:

Plan and manage your fuel budgets with precision,optimizing your financial resources for peak efficiency.

Technologies Used for Fleet Fuel Management System:

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor UFS-300 [Queclink]

Queclink GV600MG




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Why Do You Need Eagle-IoT Fleet Fuel Management System:

Remote Tank Monitoring: Effortlessly monitor fuel tank volume,refilling, and draining activities remotely. Stay informed about fueling instances, quantities, and locations. Evaluate driver and vehicle
performance based on fuel consumption.
Fuel Theft Detection:Detect abrupt fuel level drops through visual representations. Obtain comprehensive details of fuel theft incidents, including date, time, location, percentage of theft, and driver information.

Fleet Fuel Optimization:Employ advanced algorithms to optimize fuel usage, minimizing wastage and resulting in substantial cost savings.
Reports, Analytics, and Notifications:Access detailed fuel reports,covering total fuel consumption, trip start and end fuel levels, average consumption, and refueling and draining events. Receive instant notifications for fuel draining events via web, mobile, and email.

Integrated Analytics:Utilize integrated analytics to analyze fuel data,identify patterns, spot anomalies, and pinpoint potential areas for improvement.

 High Accuracy
 Better Long-Term Stability
 Easy Installation and Maintenance
 Environmental Friendliness                       


How does the Eagle-IoT Fuel Management System work?

The Eagle-IoTFuel Management System Solutions for fleet provide real-time monitoring of fuel levels and consumption pattern by using vehicle CANbus data or advanced sensors, devices to measure fuel levels in tanks and provides instant alerts and detailed reports on fuel usage

How can I log my fuel consumption with Eagle-IoT Fuel Management Solution?

With Eagle-IoT Solutions, you can log your fuel consumption by scanning ZATCA QR codes. Upload fuel receipts in bulk through our web platform and mobile applications, eliminating the need for paper receipts. This allows you to monitor your fuel expenses and consumption on our web-based portal.

How does Eagle-IoT help in identifying high fuel-consumption vehicles?

Eagle-IoT's advanced analytics feature offers insights on fuel consumption rate to identifies vehicles with high fuel consumption, enabling businesses to
allocate resources more efficiently.

How can Eagle-IoT fuel management solution help in reducing costs?

Eagle-IoT enables businesses to identify vehicles and drivers with excessive fuel usage and optimize routes for better fuel economy. By providing insights about engine health and predicting potential issues before they lead to breakdowns and increased fuel consumption.

How does Eagle-IoT solutions contribute to sustainability goals?

Eagle-IoT provides real-time carbon emission monitoring and analytics and insight into shifts or trends in driver behaviour. It helps in tracking and analysing carbon emission data to achieve net zero

How does Eagle-IoT ensure the accuracy of fuel level monitoring?

Eagle-IoT uses advanced sensor devices to provide accurate measurement of fuel levels in tanks. These ultrasonic sensors are weatherproof and maintain
accuracy, ensuring reliable performance.

Is Eagle-IoT Fuel Management Solution compatible with different fuel types?

Yes, our solution can work with a wide range of fuel types, including diesel, gasoline, and more.

How long does it take to see a return on investment with the fleet fuel management solutions?

Many customers of Eagle-IoT have seen a significant return on their investment within the first few months of implementing the solution.

How can I get started with Eagle-IoT solutions?

To get started with Eagle-IoT, sign up for Demo Request or contact us at +96653 308 5658. Our experts will guide you through the setup process and provide
support as needed.

Go beyond basic tracking. Optimize every drop with Eagle-IoT's industry-leading Fleet Fuel Management System.

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