Diesel Generator Monitoring 

Ensure Reliable Power with Diesel Generator Monitoring

Eagle-IoT Diesel Generator Monitoring

Eagle-IoT’s comprehensive Diesel Generator Monitoring (Genset) solution
provides everything you need to ensure your generators operate efficiently and reliably.

Our advanced system goes beyond simple monitoring – it proactively
analyzes key performance metrics, predicts maintenance needs, and alerts you to potential issues before they cause costly downtime.



Operational Alerts

  • Load on/off Alert
  • Parameter Value Drop
  • Emergency Stop
  • Fuel Theft Alert
  • Maintenance Alert
  • Part Replacements Alert
  • Battery voltage
  • Third Party Integration

Generator Performance

  • Voltage Output
  • Frequency
  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring
  • Running hours

Engine Health Monitoring

  • Coolant Levels
  • Engine Start/Stop Alert
  • Oil Pressure Insight
  • Engine Temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Impending Equipment Failure Alert


Monitor, Analyze, and Optimize Your Diesel Generators 

use case

Owners and Operators of Generators

Commercial Buildings: Ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical operations like data centers, retail stores, and office buildings. Gain insights into fuel consumption for cost optimization and receive timely alerts for potential issues to prevent disruptions.

Industrial Sites: Optimize generator performance for heavy machinery and manufacturing processes. Utilize preventive maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime and maximize production efficiency. Track fuel usage patterns for cost control and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Healthcare Facilities: Maintain a reliable power source for life-saving medical equipment. Receive immediate notifications for critical issues to ensure continuous power for patient care. Utilize proactive maintenance to prevent generator failures and maintain a safe environment.

Residential Use: Gain peace of mind with reliable backup power for homes in remote locations or areas prone to power outages. Monitor generator health remotely and receive alerts for potential problems to avoid  inconvenient disruptions.

Servicing Companies Engaged in Generator MaintenanceDiesel Generator Manufacturers

Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting: Diagnose engine and alternator issues remotely, saving time and resources on on-site visits.

Optimize Maintenance Scheduling: Utilize real-time data and operating time monitoring to schedule maintenance precisely when needed, ensuring optimal generator performance and avoiding unnecessary service calls.

Inventory Management: Track operating time and predict component wear to maintain a just-in-time inventory of replacement parts, improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Diesel Generator Manufacturers

Remote Monitoring of Genset Operation: Gain valuable insights into real-world generator performance across various applications.

Engine and Alternator Health Monitoring: Analyze data to identify potential design weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Gather Failure Statistics: Collect data on component failures to inform future design decisions and enhance genset reliability.

Optimize Genset Design: Utilize real-world data to refine future models for optimal performance and efficiency.

Why Choose Eagle-IoT Diesel Generator Monitoring

  • Real-time performance monitoring: Track critical parameters like engine
    temperature, voltage output, and fuel consumption for immediate insights.
  • Preventive maintenance alerts: Get notified of potential problems before they escalate, allowing you to schedule proactive maintenance and avoid unplanned outages.
  •  Fuel consumption tracking and optimization: Gain valuable data on fuel usage patterns and identify areas for improvement, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.
  •  Peace of Mind with Remote Management: Our user-friendly system provides remote access to your generator data.Access real-time data and historical reports via our secure online platform,no matter your location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Eagle-IoTs Diesel Monitoring Solution function?

Eagle-IoTs comprehensive Diesel Monitoring Solution leverages a combination ofcutting-edge sensors and a secure cloud platform to provide you with real-timeinsights into your generators health. Our team expertly installs sensors on yourgenerator to track critical operating parameters like engine temperature, fuel levels, and power output. This vital data is then securely transmitted to our cloud platform, allowing you to access it remotely 24/7. This empowers you to monitor your generator's performance in real-time, receive timely alerts for potential issues, and make informed decisions to optimize its operation.

What kind of critical issues will the Diesel Monitoring System alert me about?

The Eagle-IoT Diesel Monitoring Solution keeps you informed of critical issues needing immediate attention. This includes engine parameter deviations like temperature or oil pressure, unexpected shutdowns, sudden drops in voltage or frequency impacting functionality, and even potential fuel theft attempts identified by unusual consumption patterns. These real-time alerts empower you to address problems quickly and ensure your generators smooth operation.

How secure is the data collected by the system?

Eagle-IoT prioritizes data security. We employ industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard all communication between your generator, sensors, and our cloud platform. Additionally, access to the platform is strictly controlled with user authentication and authorization measures.

Is the system compatible with my existing generator?

The Eagle-IoT Genset monitoring system is designed for broad compatibility. Our team can assess your specific generator model and advise on its suitability. In most cases, the system can be adapted to work with various generator types.

What are the installation requirements?

Installation is a straightforward process typically handled by our qualified technicians. The specific requirements will vary depending on your generator setup, but generally involve sensor placement on key engine components and connection to the data collection unit.

How much does the Diesel Monitoring System cost?

Eagle-IoT offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs. We typically provide customized quotes based on the number of generators you need to monitor and any desired additional features. Contact our sales team for a free consultation and tailored quote.

What kind of customer support does Eagle-IoT offer?

Our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you with any questions, troubleshooting needs, or technical inquiries. We offer various supportchannels, including phone lines, email support, and online knowledge base resources.

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