Smart Waste Management Solution 

Uncover the dynamics of Waste Collection with Eagle-IoT Waste Management Solution

With Eagle-IoT Smart Waste Management Solution monitor diverse range of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, electronics, metal etc) detect bin fill levels, adjust pickup frequency as needed or collect on demand. Map all your existing containers via mobile app including photo and GPS position. Create cloud based digital bin inventory with an interactive map. Update inventory, record maintenance or report problem on-site using mobile app or a RFID reader.

Indoor Waste Management

Get rid of overflowing bins or unnecessary disruption by waste collection with Eagle-IoT Indoor Waste Management solution 


Just in Time Waste Collection 


Precise collection of the requested bins only


Manual (Smart Button) or automatic (Smart Sensor) pickup requests


Automated route planning without the need of human interaction 


Step-by-step driver navigation on the factory floorplan


Feedback gathering during the collection route


Manholes Early Overflow Warning System 

Measures water level in a manhole with fully adjustable water level indicators (tentacles) for different depths. Octopus can detect up to 3 different thresholds up to 25 meters. With the rising water level, the tentacles recognize when they start floating and send event driven notification via GPRS or GSM network. Platform issues the notification as an early overflow warning. A customized notifications can be sent via SMS or email.   


Digital Route Sheet

Crew Registration

Step-by-step Navigation

Report Problems

Live Route Updates

Weighbridge Tickets

Driver Alerts

GPS Tracking

Offline Mode

Android Platform

The Eagle-IoT Advantage: 


  • Track waste hauler performance   
  • Identify fast filling bins (potential for large-capacity bins)  
  • Plan pickups ahead based on predictions  
  • Filtering bins based on trash type, capacity, pricing and collection interval.  
  • Service verification (pick-up recognition)  
  • Digitization of waste management infrastructure with Google Street View  
  • Stay on top of ever-changing city ecosystem 

      Why choose Eagle-IoT Waste Management Solution? 

      Manager App 

      • Know vehicle locations in real-time 
      • Quickest way to monitor jobs and routes 
      • Get accurate job-related insights 
      • Review geofence entry or exit time 
      • Automate scheduling servicing dates 

        Citizen App 

        • Book complaints for irregular collections 
        • Take pictures of unclean dustbins 
        • Track open and closed complaints 
        • Online bill payment 

        Waste Collector App 

        • Know upcoming and completed jobs 
        • Scan QR codes or RFID tags 
        • Navigation option to locate bins 
        • Offline payment collection 

        Eagle-IoT Waste Mangement Resources

        A guide to plan a successful thermal mapping study

        Smart Waste Management Solution: Modernized Approach to Manage Waste 

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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        How does the Eagle-IoT Smart Waste Management Solution work?
        The solution allows you to monitor a diverse range of waste types, including mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, electronics, metal, etc. It detects the fill levels of bins and adjusts the pickup frequency accordingly. You can also request on-demand pickups. The solution includes a mobile app to map all your existing containers with photos and GPS locations, creating a cloud-based digital bin inventory.  
        Can I update the bin inventory and report issues on-site?
        Yes, you can update the bin inventory, record maintenance activities, and report any problems directly on-site using either the mobile app or an RFID reader.  
        How does the solution help track waste hauler performance?
        The Eagle-IoT Waste Mangement Solution provides insights into waste hauler performance by allowing you to track and monitor the pickup schedules, number of pickups, and overall efficiency of waste collection services.  
        Can the solution identify fast-filling bins?
        Yes, Eagle-IoT Waste Mangement Solution has the capability to identify bins that are filling up quickly, which can help you plan for more frequent pickups or consider using larger capacity bins in the future.  
        Can the solution predict future pickup needs?
        Yes, based on historical data and real-time fill level monitoring, the Eagle-IoT Waste Mangement Solution can generate predictions for future pickup needs, allowing you to plan pickups ahead of time and optimize waste collection routes.  
        Can I filter the bins based on trash type, capacity, pricing, and collection interval?
        Yes, the solution provides filtering options that allow you to find bins based on specific criteria such as trash type, bin capacity, pricing, and collection intervals, making it easier to manage and organize waste collection operations.  
        How does the Eagle-IoT Waste Mangement Solution ensure service verification?
        The solution includes a pick-up recognition feature, which helps verify the completion of waste collection services, providing you with proof of service.  
        What is the benefit of digitizing waste management infrastructure with Google Street View?
        Digitizing waste management infrastructure with Google Street View allows you to have a visual representation of the waste collection points, making it easier to manage and allocate resources effectively.  
        What is the Manholes Early Overflow Warning System?
        The Manholes Early Overflow Warning System measures the water level in a manhole using adjustable water level indicators. It can detect up to three different thresholds up to 25 meters.  
        How does the Manholes Early Overflow Warning System notify about early overflow?
        When the water level reaches a certain threshold, the tentacles in the Manholes Early Overflow Warning System start floating, triggering an event-driven notification. This notification is sent via GPRS or GSM network and can be customized to be sent via SMS or email. 
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