Make Your Waste Management Smart with IoT-enabled Smart Sensors

The amount of trash generated varies greatly throughout urban locations, trash cans in a different place on the same street doesn’t even fill up at the same rate. Nonetheless, municipality allocate a significant number of resources to visit all of the trash cans and waste bins at the same frequency, at the same time. Handling a large number of garbage trucks throughout the city and planning their routes to pick up every dumpster is neither cost-effective nor time- or resource-efficient. The issue is not just restricted to monitory terms; it also pertains to service quality.

waste management truck

However, with smart waste management, the collection of waste can be revolutionized. It can optimize waste collection while offering increased visibility for all key stakeholders with a network of sensors

Smart sensors detect bin fill levels and keep an eye on diverse range of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastic, glass, textiles, bio-waste, liquids, electronics, metal, etc.) in bins and containers. The sensors are strong, shock- and water-resistant, completely operational across a broad temperature range, and programmed to measure from 3 cm to 12 m.

eagle-I fuel level monitoring and Eagle-I carbon emission module.

When it comes to the collection and disposal of trash, smart waste management offers a lot of perks. The routes are optimized to assure the pick-up of the full bins and leave the empty ones. Besides the collection route to be tailored,  also makes certain to have better fuel economy and less CO2 emissions which can also be monitored with Eagle-IoT fuel level monitoring and Eagle-IoT carbon emission module. 

Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure

Eagle-I smart waste management solution also allows you to measure water level in a manhole with fully adjustable water level indicators (tentacles) for different depths. Sensors can detect up to 3 different thresholds up to 25 meters. With the rising water level, the tentacles recognize when they start floating and send event-driven notifications via GPRS or GSM network as an early overflow warning. Customized notifications can also be sent via SMS or email.

Gain full control over the bins and manhole to stay update with any arising critical condition.

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Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure
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