Supply Chain Management

With Eagle-I Supply chain management, get complete visibility of your valuable assets from production to the end-user.

A typical supply chain processThe process is initiated from supply of the raw material, typically received at ports, at this stage, eagle-I offers container monitoring.

Container Monitoring Solution

The second stage is manufacturing, here the eagle-I’s asset management solution makes the process SMART

  • Track the movement from the docks to factory
  • Ensure the material reaches on time
  • Keep a check of the temperature and humidity of perishable items
  • Monitor the doors of the container to avoid a potential theft
  • For fragile products, get notified of high g-force impact

Asset Management Solution

The third stage of the supply chain is distribution. Eagle-I’s dispatch system is the right choice:


Inventory management through technologies like RFIDs, Lora WAN sensors and BLE beacons


Get the process insights with Industrial IoT sensors and gateways


Manage the workforce while ensuring health and safety procedures


Track and manage industrial tools


Driver Dispatch System

The fourth stage is the storage before a final dispatch to the end-user. For this stage, eagle-I’s warehouse management is all you need

  • Manage the orders
  • Create optimized routes for the distribution
  • Dispatch the fleet and monitor the completion through an integrated driver application
  • Keep a check of shipment integrity (temperature and humidity)

Warehouse Management Solution

This is how Eagle-I covers the end-to-end supply chain process and give valuable insights allowing our customers to optimize their operational procedures, lower the expenditures and get maximum returns.


Realtime monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity


Realtime monitoring of doors


Running status of the refrigeration units


Movement of forklifts

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