Eagle-IoT Platform

Eagle-IoT solutions, including eagle-i auto fleet management are products of Digital Myth Solutions (DMS), an IT house representing the new trend of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) where the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is utilized to reach the highest levels of automation. The principal purpose of such a trend is to reduce the cost of operations and human efforts simultaneously.

Our Features

Asset / Driver Management
Trafic Layer
Weather Layer
Driver Scorecard
Driver Identification
Driver Behaviour
Live Dashboard
History Playback
Asset Geo Fencing Color Coding
Sensor Telematory
Live Tracking
Service / Renewal Module
Route Management System
Reporting Module
Admin Panel
Carbon Emission

Eagle-I is a comprehensive fleet management solution through which fleet owners can manage their assets and drivers with ease.
From acquisition and procurement to allocation and disposal, Eagle-I manages all the information seamlessly to help you in making data-driven decisions to enhance the efficiency of your team.

  • Assets, which can be vehicles or machines, can be categorized into different sites and sub-categories.
  • For each asset, multiple attributes like, reference number, textual description, a class, VIN number, vehicle make and model, its color and year of manufacture can be added. Moreover, Saudi Vehicle Registration Sequence number can also be added.
  • Each asset, or a group of assets can be assigned to a user according to the user’s level of access.
  • Drivers or asset operators can be added with their details like phone number, address, license and ID, hiring date and their photograph.
  • The drivers can be assigned to sites and categories and can be categorized as light vehicle and heavy vehicle drivers.
  • Like Assets, drivers can also be assigned to the users as per their level of access and site assignment.
  • Each driver/operator can be assigned to an asset or a group of assets as a ‘Main Driver’.



Eagle-I is an advanced fleet management system that provides functionality through which drivers can ensure visibility when their fleet is on the road. Eagle-I traffic layer provides its user the ability to build a route depending on the traffic condition updates. The live traffic status on the map can be monitored that not only provides you the liberty to avoid delays along with cutting excess mileage but also allows its user for last-minute routing changes.

Traffic conditions can be identified depending on three colors

  • Green tracks have no congestion
  • Orange tracks have moderate congestion
  • Red tracks have high congestion

Key Benefits




Map view and traffic layer provides you insight of traffic condition, which enables you to access the real-time activity of their fleet


Traffic congestion conditions can be used to avoid delays, excessive mileage thus improving fuel economy


To keep you updated with road conditions Eagle-I traffic layer data is regularly refreshed.

Eagle-I traffic layer is compatible with the complete line of Eagle-IoT hardware and software

When road is your workplace then being productive, efficient, and safe in all the seasons is the urge of fleet drivers.
Weather has direct impact on any fleet,   Weather layer is a map layer which offers you an insight into the current weather in your fleet’s area. Weather layer is part of Eagle-I’s dashboard which equips you with the information you need and when you need it, to run your fleet safely and efficiently. The feature is part of Eagle-I dashboard, at no extra cost to you
With this additional weather data, you can:
  • Keep your drivers safe by navigating them out of potential weather hazards
  • Enhance the efficiency of fleet by avoiding unforeseen road-blocks due to inclement weather.
  • Stay informed with instantaneous weather information on local phenomena and danger
  • Eagle-I weather layer has capability to identify every weather situation

Eagle-I Weather layer is compatible with the complete line of Eagle-IoT hardware and software

Eagle-I is a versatile fleet management platform, fully functional for all kinds of industrial sectors. Depending on your industrial needs, Eagle-I driver scorecard allows you to adjust your score violation weightage. Performance of light vehicle drivers is not comparable with heavy vehicle drivers. Eagle-i allows you to categories your drivers into two categories: LTV (Light Transport Vehicle) and HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicle) Drivers and calculate their performance respectively  


Over Speeding

Over Speeding Duration

Number of Hours Driven

Harsh Braking Events

Harsh Acceleration Events

Harsh Turning

Seatbelt Violation

Idling Duration

Idling Time

Driver scorecard not only highlights the hard workers but also the efficient workers by integrating the mileages and operational hours of the drivers with their behaviour on the road.


Keep track of your drivers, regardless of the vehicle they’re driving

With Eagle-I driver identification, drivers are issued a unique id (an ibutton, a keyfob or an rfid card). Each ID is associated with the driver’s name in the Eagle-I platform.

Along with Driver Identification, Eagle-I offers Driver Authorization as well. This authorization can be soft-managed (via eagle-I platform) or hard-managed (via tracking device itself). Driver authorization ensures that the vehicle or an assets are being utilized by the authorized drivers/operators.

driver identification

Why use driver identification?

Driver identification will not only save your own working time but it will contribute to a smoother fleet operation

Driver IDs for Easy Tracking and Accountability

With Eagle-I driver identification, fleet managers can track who is driving which vehicle at any given time.
Eagle-I offers multiple technologies for identifying individual drivers

Dallas iButton

Ble Keyfobs


Reduced tempering

It cannot be purchased online, replicated or read

Easy to carry

The Driver ID tags are made of durable plastic which can be easily carried in a wallet

Get the full insight of driver behavior behind the wheel.

Eagle-I provides you access to powerful driver dashboard which gives birds-eye-view of all driver behavior from harsh braking, cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, over speeding etc.

vehicle tracking solution in saudi arabia vehicle tracking solution in saudi arabia
fleet management solution

Key Benefits

Lower Costs

Fleets who monitor driver behavior have lower maintenance costs, better fuel economy, reduced idling and less vehicle downtime

Reduce Liability

Drivers with good scorecard are less likely to cause an accident that could drag your company into expensive liability problems. They can help in negotiating reduced insurance premiums.

Reward Safety

Driver behavior helps you identifying which drivers need to improve and celebrate those who are excelling. Encourage drivers exhibiting good driver behavior with rewards and implement necessary training to drivers with bad driving habits.

For making the right optimal decision, keep an insight about your under-utilized and over utilized assets.

To ensure the best out of your assets, Eagle-I provides you in-depth analysis of utilization of your asset. With proper utilization analysis, you can get large dividends along with a more productive and efficient fleet capable of responding to any challenge the company might face.
Eagle-i has extensive experience in fleet management and has the report that will give you the overall overview of the fleet utilization. Reports are exportable into multiple formats like XLS, PDF, CSV and more.

Reports can be sorted and customized in ascending and descending order as per utilization or distance travelled.

With Eagle-I ensure the utilization analysis at a single click. Utilization of an asset can be represented in three way:

Distance Travelled by the Asset Number of Trips Made Total Number of Travelling Time (Hours Piled)

Optimize the cost of ownership and utilization rate by knowing the details of what is going on with your fleet.

Get a bird’s-eye view of fleet productivity and manage exceptions in real-time.

Live dashboard is a powerful feature of Eagle-I Fleet Management System, through which a fleet supervisor can have a live view of each of his assets’ dashboard and telemetry without leaving the comfort of the office or making calls to the drivers.

Keeping your fleet on the same page has never been easier. Through this dashboard, one can monitor the movement of the vehicle on the map along with

These are the most important parameters that are required to be monitored at all times to run an efficient and safe fleet operations. That is why they are added to the live asset dashboard.

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Control access with fine-grained permissions.

Keep fleets on task and control data visibility. Viewers can only see data they have explicit permission to access. Eagle-I ensures everyone sees exactly what they need to and nothing else.

Manage your fleet from any language you want.

Eagle-i is available in two languages; Arabic and English, users can swap between the two with a single click

Eagle-I offers its fleet management solution bilingually (English/Arabic) with our goal to provide you the solution which can manage your business easily.


Eagle-I platform supports two languages to organize and coordinate fleet vehicles to enhance your productivity and efficiency while reducing the cost and providing you the compliance with government regulations

Eagle-I is driven by an aim to serve its clients with the highest level of customer service

Regenerate every dropping point of your fleet with exact location for last six months

Eagle-I allows its user to replay the entire history of your fleet at a single click. Historical fleet activity can be regenerated for a date range for the period of last six-month.

  • Eagle-I historical play back features your fleet’s vehicles start and end times, arrivals and departures to locations.
  • Retrace the paths on map travelled by your vehicles during the workday, in between jobs, after-hours

Track the Route

driver score card

Verify Billing and Timesheets

Identify the Unauthorized use

Wants to regenerate tracking data for your company’s operational needs? Let Eagle-I fleet tracking reports or our historical playback handle it for you.

Manage your assets with Geofence-to-site color-coding monitoring to get real-time visibility into your fleet.

Eagle-I is designed to facilitate the fleet managers, monitoring hundreds of assets deployed all over the Kingdom. With the unique feature of geofence-to-site color-coding, Eagle-I addresses the issue of asset deployment in undesired areas. Monitor duration and frequency of job site visits by creating geofences with custom, virtual perimeters around meaningful geographic areas. Use suggested geofences to help you decide if you want drivers to avoid certain areas.

Get more out of your vehicle and asset tracking

Through the Eagle-I admin panel, each site/branch can be assigned a unique color. Similarly, user can select and assign a color to a geofence.

  • Distinguish the location visits and frequency details through geofence-to-site color-coding.
  • Average time spent at each location
  • Average time spent traveling to and from each location

Strengthen security, and speed up theft recovery

One can easily identify the misplaced or wrongly deployed assets by assigning geofence to appropriate or desired assets, on the Eagle-I tracking dashboard.


  • Identify assets being utilized under unapproved projects
  • Avoid placement of assets in undesired areas
  • Avoid phenomenal costs in re-location
  • Create and deploy endless combinations of geofence-to-site color-coding as per the operations’ requirements
  • Get the fleet utilization insights and focused views on map

Discover the Solution You Need to enhance your Fleet Efficiency, Compliance and Security.

Vehicles equipped with hundreds of sensors, generating tons of data requires proper analysis to yield beneficial results.

Eagle-i offers numerous sensors which can be added to give insight of your fleet operations, conditions and utilization. Axle load, temperature, humidity, container door and fuel level sensors are on top of the list when it comes to external sensors installed along with the AVL devices.


Unprecedented insight to enhance profitability

Easy to access reports

Optimize workflow

Mostly, this data is either left unchecked or provided in complex and hard to reach reports. But eagle i gives it a rightful importance in fleet analysis through its separate module called sensor telemetry.


Live Dashboard

Runtime data from the sensors can be monitored

Historical Component

Providing the data of the sensors in graphical as well as tabular form.

Users can view a historical telemetry by selecting a sensor from a dropdown menu and a date range.

Track, analyze and optimize your fleet operations with Eagle-I fleet management and tracking solution.

With Eagle-I Live Tracking Dashboard, get an eagle-eye view of your whole fleet.

Eagle-I Live dashboard is powered by Google Maps® with its MAP, SATELLITE and STREET view.

On live dashboard, movement of one or more assets can be seen and tracked and map zoom level re-adjusts itself to ensure that your selected fleet remain in focus.

Further layers can be added which includes geo-fences, traffic layer and weather layer giving a more in-depth experience of fleet monitoring.

In order to access live data of an asset, just click on it on the map and a dashboard will pop-up showing the current driver, speed, carried load, seatbelt status etc.

Asset icon can provide a lot more information just by its color

You can change the icon type, changing it from ‘Moving icons’ to ‘Communication icons’ will make all the vehicle communicating to server ‘Green’ and non-communicating to ‘Red’.

Moreover, each site can be assigned a color and when icon type ‘Group Color’ is selected, all the assets will change the color representing their respective site/branch.

Service/Renewal Dashboard allows you to add cost incurred on each asset, in terms of

Create the schedule for periodic maintenances and renewals with Eagle-i, Service and Renewal package

Graphical Representation of Costs

Maintenance and Renewal section gives an overview of the total cost incurred in terms of Maintenance, Renewals and Fuel.

Summary Per Asset

Summary Per Asset section gives detailed insight on the cost incurred by each asset as well as the performance of the asset for selected date and time range.

Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance can be scheduled for each asset There are two types: maintenance by date and maintenance by distance. System has capability to send email notifications to authorized personnel when an asset’s periodic maintenance gets due



The system allows to manage invoices related to fuel, maintenance and renewals.

Eagle-I’s route optimization provides an opportunity for dispatchers and route planners to plan routes, create a series of stops, add multiple zones for closer monitoring and alerts.
Optimizing your routes will not only save your time but you can create more opportunities to perform extra jobs and take on more clients by tightening the service windows. Moreover, dynamic routing and accurate scheduling can be used as tool to improve customer satisfaction.

Advanced route optimization

Creating routes for hundreds of drivers covering thousands of destinations seems an impossible task, but with Eagle-I RMS route optimization system, you can have optimized routes divided among drivers with just a few clicks. The system not only generate the optimized routes, but also divide regions among the drivers, ensuring lowest fuel consumptions and efficient task accomplishments.

Real-time fleet dispatching

With Eagle-I route optimization software, create planned routes within seconds along with task details at each waypoint. These customized routes can be created by simply providing the starting and ending points of your journey and the route will be pushed to the driver through specifically designed mobile applications.

Tailored journey

Design optimal routes with series of stops and way backs with the knowledge of live traffic data from Eagle-i traffic layer and live weather conditions with Eagle-I weather layer. React to last-minute changes by adapting routes already underway. Tailored journeys can be created for special handling and perishablegoods.

Driver and job analysis

Eagle-I route optimization system is designed for two-way information flow between drivers and dispatchers. Fleet manages can send command through voice callbyincorporatingBluetooth headset with Eagle-I tracking devices. Drivers can also send feedback related to each task.

RMS Dashboard

Clear indication of total number routes, in process jobs, completed tasks. Options are available for supervisor to mark take as complete, cancelled or failed

Key Benefits

  • Transparent field operations empower fleet managers and customers to track delivery fleet in real-time
  • Improved driver satisfaction with no more overlap of regions for delivery making each delivery trip more profitable than before.

Discover what Eagle-I route management system can do

Still in doubt? Schedule our free demo to get in-depth insight of what Eagle-i can deliver to your business.

Make quick business decisions with alerts

It is impractical task to monitor the whole fleet 24×7. Rather investing on man power and control rooms, let Eagle-I advance tracking and fleet management system monitor your fleet with accuracy.

Eagle-I notification system continuously monitors numerous parameters continuously and generates notifications if a parameter exceeds a desired set value, or an incident like crash or theft occurs. To bring key issues to the surface as they happen alerts can be generated via text, email and in Eagle-I fleet management dashboard.

Notifications can be set at three levels and each user under a company can set the notifications as per the need:

  1. Site Level
  2. Category Level
  3. Asset Level

Each notification can be flagged as ‘READ’ and ‘IMPORTANT’ for future reference. On the dashboard, notifications are enlisted along with the date and time, textual location, the geofence in which the event occurred, the driver’s name and location on map.

Popped up notifications are accessible under the bell icon as well so that users can access these notifications without changing their current view of the dashboard.

Having the ability to monitor and analyze data is very important when it comes to keep track of your fleet vehicles.

Eagle-I offers 30 plus versatile reports to provide you the insights into your fleet operations, maintenance needs and costs to help you see the big picture to enhance your performance.
Eagle-I fleet management reports can be easily viewed online, printed, or exported to multiple formats like XLS, PDF, CSV and more.
Eagle-I offers advanced reporting which delivers the customized information you want, the way you want it, when you want it. Eagle-I Care division can send specific reports to the clients on daily or weekly bases.


Key Benefits

Asset Based

Driver Based

Location Based

FMS / Admin Reports

Asset Reports

Keeping in mind both the short- and long-term needs of an organization Eagle-I has designed the Asset reports which not only provides you the insight of your assets but also provides you the control of budgeting and replacement forecasting

Driver Reports

Keeping in mind both the short- and long-term needs of an organization Eagle-I has designed the Asset reports which not only provides you the insight of your assets but also provides you the control of budgeting and replacement forecasting

The detailed analytics of driver performance can be used to customize the safety thresholds for your fleet. Eagle-I driver scorecard equips you with driver rating based on their driver behaviour for the past few weeks, months, or quarters. This will help the fleet managers to see the trends in driver behavior and how they are impacting the business.

The report summarizes all speed limit violations, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh turning triggered by a vehicle.

Geo-Fence Reports

GPS-controlled geofences are part of Eagle-I fleet management software that allows a manager to set boundaries for a vehicle’s operational hours, where a vehicle can and cannot drive.

Keep tabs on daily operations and control access with fine-grained permissions. Admin panel is designed to facilitate fleet owners and platform users alike.

With the comprehensive admin panel, fleet owners and managers are equipped with the following tools:

Sites and Categories: segregating the whole fleet in small categories is a best way to manage assets. Assets can then be assigned to a site or a category with either one at a time or in bulk. Moreover, assets can be migrated among the categories with a single click.

Employees: add and assign employees as drivers or operators with ease. Not just the names, a lot more information can be added like employee id, national id, date of joining, contact, date of birth and a photograph

Users and Roles: Companies operate by following a hierarchy, so does our platform. You can multiple roles like super-user, admin, manager etc. and then you can assign these roles to specific users as per your operational hierarchy. Moreover, each user can be assigned with a group of assets and drivers as per his level of access.

Geofences: Create, edit, color coded geofences and assign them to one or a group of assets. A geofence created can be assigned at the company, site, category and asset level.

Alerts: Adhoc alert module is the most powerful tool of Eagle-I. A user can create an alert the way he wants, and assign it to a group of assets. Not just that, what information will be received as part of the email alert can also be configured with ease. An alert can also be assigned to a geofence, ensuring that alerts will be generated where they are most required.

Know what your fleet’s carbon footprint is!

Play your part in reducing the carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change with Eagle-IoT carbon emission module – the perfect addition to your fleet manager’s arsenal.

Monitor carbon emissions and Track fuel usage.

Eagle-IoT understands the importance of achieving net zero and is in line with the Saudi Green Initiative.

Integration of the Carbon Emission Module with the CAN data, enables the vantage view of Carbon Emissions in a given time, fuel consumed, distance travelled in a single dashboard.

Add multiple carbon factors for each fuel type with validity ranges.

Monitor idling by jurisdiction with GPS

Measure emissions with pre-built reports

Monitor assets remotely and reduce emissions

Minimize onsite trips, optimize equipment efficiency, and reduce emissions with remote monitoring and control.

View operational diagnostics in real-time

Optimize efficiency with custom KPIs

Troubleshoot with dashboard controls

Enhance your fuel economy: measure and monitor your fleet’s carbon emissions.

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