4G /LTE+SATELITE Dual Mode Connectivity

Hybrid Approach to Fleet Management Solution


Eagle-IoT offers a Dual-Mode (cellular-satellite) Fleet Management connectivity to ensure continuous data flow from all assets in your fleet regardless of location or weather conditions. The dual mode connectivity offers a hybrid approach to fleet management by combining the best of both connectivity: high-speed cellular networks and satellite communications for businesses to stay ahead in an ever evolving landscape



Iridium Network

Iridium SBD

CAN Bus Interface

Hybrid Approach to Fleet Management Solution  

Use Cases:

Oil and gas

Eagle-IoT’s 4G/LTE+ satellite hybrid fleet management solution is a perfect fit for onshore and offshore rigs in the oil and gas industry.

Geospatial surveys

Dual-Mode Fleet Management Solution can also be used for geospatial surveys, as it can provide reliable and global connectivity in remote areas

Cross-border transportation

Eagle-IoT’s LTE/Satellite Connectivity solution is a good fit for cross-border transportation, as it can provide reliable connectivity across borders.

Cross-continental logistics

This solution can also be used for cross-continental logistics, as it can provide reliable connectivity across continents.


Eagle-IoT’s Hybrid Connectivity Solution can be used by the mining industry to ensure reliable connectivity in remote areas.


This solution can also be used in the construction industry, to gain insights about construction fleets on sites

Technologies Used:

  • CAN bus

Digital sensors

RFID Reader

The Eagle-IoT Advantage:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring even in areas with limited cellular coverage

  • Keep check of an unauthorized access, tampering, or unscheduled loading/unloading with dual mode connectivity

  • Prevent spoilage claims with alarms and remote temperature control features.

  • Prevents the risks to drivers and cargo from cellular network jammers

  • Track the whereabouts of lost assets and cargo.

  • Eliminate blind spots and safeguard cargo

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is dual-mode connectivity?

Eagle-IoT dual-mode connectivity, combines LTE and satellite connectivity. This means that if you are in an area with limited mobile coverage, the system automatically switches from the cellular network to satellite communication to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. 

How does the dual-mode connectivity work?

The system utilizes the Iridium Network, which is a reliable satellite network, to ensure data connectivity anywhere in the world. When the cellular network is unavailable, the system switches to satellite communication, allowing for real-time monitoring and control capabilities even in extreme environments. 

Why is dual-mode connectivity important for businesses?

Dual-mode connectivity ensures that your business operations continue uninterrupted, even in areas with limited mobile coverage. This is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in remote or challenging environments, such as the sea or remote forested areas. 

What is Iridium SBD Airtime Service?

Iridium SBD (Short Burst Data) Airtime Service is a service provided by the Iridium Network. It enables reliable two-way communication between devices and servers, allowing for real-time monitoring and control capabilities in any location, regardless of mobile coverage. 

Is dual-mode connectivity suitable for all types of businesses?

Dual-mode connectivity is particularly suitable for businesses that rely heavily on fleet operations, especially those operating in remote or challenging environments. However, it can also benefit businesses operating in areas with unstable or unreliable cellular networks. Eagle-IoT Dual – Mode Connectivity can be used to monitor a wide range of assets and equipment.

  • Trucking
  • Air Cargo
  • Merchant Shipping
  • Dry Trailer
  • Reefer
  • Chasis
  • Containers
  • Rail
Can I switch between LTE and satellite connectivity manually?

No, Eagle-IoT dual-mode connectivity automatically switches from LTE to satellite connectivity when the cellular network is unavailable.

Enjoy the benefits of dual-mode 4G/LTE+SATELITE connectivity with Eagle-IoT to ensure uninterrupted fleet management solution, even when cellular networks are unavailable

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