Asset Monitoring

Gain complete visibility of assets and access reports on the utilization of high-value equipment, critical to your operations with Eagle-IoT asset management.

Eagle-IoT offers Asset Visibility Solution to provide a new level of operational rights in a perfect way to manage and monitor the location, status, and condition of your assets across multiple sites. The solution allows you to track your assets when received, assigned, maintained or retired, including status by location and assignment to employees. For faster asset management, assets can be added, transferred and assigned in a batch, rather on individual basis.

Manage your assets across the organization with multiple variables.

Eagle-IoT Asset Management Solution is a SaaS –Cloud based-Web-based graphical interface (By SmartX). For Passive RFID tools item management our solution component consists of.

  • Mobile Application (Hand Held or Smartphone)
  • RFID Middleware Software
  • RFID Tags (Multiple Manufacturers)
  • RFID Fixed or Handhelds Readers

Online reporting logs all the relevant state about the asset and provides valuable information to determine asset life

Key Benefits

  • Life cycle performance monitoring
  • Movement Monitoring including the analysis of wait times, bottlenecks, fixed asset utilization
  • Automated maintenance schedules
  • Identify trends in equipment availability and utilization
  • Location tracking via GPS maps and customer-supplied building floor plans
  • Configurable workflows and exception reports
  • Track chain of custody history, ownership, leases, depreciation, asset usage along with location
  • Gate pass equipped with RFID fixed readers with smart algorithm to detect entry/exit

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