Cold Storage  Monitoring

Eagle-IoT cold storage monitoring solution makes the cold store ‘SMART’ with a variety of advanced IoT sensors and infrastructure.

From pharmaceutical to food sector, cold stores are primary storage units in the supply chain at multiple levels. It is a necessity to keep a check on the storage environment as a fluctuation in temperature may result in spoilage of material worth millions. In a conventional system, temperature and humidity is monitored and logged through a handheld logger at set intervals, hence prone to errors and fluctuations going unnoticed.


Eagle-IoT cold storage monitoring solution can be fully or partially deployed as per the operational needs. A variety of sensors are installed (e.g.; Temperature, Humidity, Magnetic Door, Proximity, Beacons etc.) which connect and transmit the data to a gateway at regular intervals. The gateway connects to the Eagle-I cloud server and transmits the data which is then translated to appropriate graphical views for the end-user on the Eagle-I IoT platform.


  • Real-time monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Real-time monitoring of door status
  • Alerts and notifications (emails, mobile app, SMS and calls)
  • Monitoring of water leakage/accumulation
  • The running status of the refrigeration units
  • Movement of forklifts
  • Access control
  • Proper rack management and inventory placement
  • SFDA compliance
  • Thermal mapping
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