TGA Implements Auto Surveillance for Trucks & Buses 

Saudi Arabia’s Transportation Industry Embraces a Digital Future

The transformation of Saudi Arabia’s transportation industry continues, driven by innovation and a commitment to enhanced safety and efficiency. According to Saudi Gazzete, effective from April 21st, the Transport General Authority (TGA) launches automated surveillance of truck and bus traffic violations across the Kingdom. This initiative, in line with Vision 2030 and the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services, aims to enhance traffic safety and boost compliance with regulations 

TGA’s Automated Surveillance Detects Key Violations

Targeted vehicles include cargo transportation, truck rentals, international buses, and bus rentals. The system will automatically detect violations like operating without a valid card, expired cards, and buses exceeding their operational lifespan. The Transport General Authority’s (TGA) recent announcement regarding automated truck and bus surveillance underlines the importance of compliance and digitalized solutions.  

Automated surveillance trucks & buses

Comprehensive Solutions for Compliance Assurance

Worried about the new violations? Eagle-IoT got your back! 

Automated surveillance trucks & buses

Smart Renewal Alerts:

As a comprehensive fleet management system, Eagle-IoT Smart Renewal module lets you set alerts for both operation card renewals and yearly vehicle inspection schedules. Receive reminders and notifications before your operation card expires. 

Streamlined Compliance Verification

To ensure your vehicles remain operational, verify driver eligibility through the WASL system while still on the Eagle IoT platform. The Eagle IoT dashboard easily identifies which vehicles are registered with WASL and which require registration. You can inquire about your vehicles’ validity directly on the platform, eliminating the need to visit the NAQL platform. 

Detailed Record-Keeping

Eagle-IoT also allows users to keep detailed records of their vehicle make and model. This facilitates the annual identification of operational vehicles conforming to TGA requirements. Additionally, based on utilization and compliance readiness data, users can make informed fleet planning decisions for the coming year. 

Optimized Alert Delivery

To ensure timely delivery of critical alerts, Eagle IoT offers a smart rule engine. This feature allows you to specify the appropriate recipient for each alert, guaranteeing delivery to the relevant department, especially when deadlines approach. This eliminates the risk of notifications getting lost in a flood of emails. 

Automated surveillance trucks & buses

Eagle-IoT’s cutting-edge solutions:

Eagle-IoT goes beyond streamlining permits. They leverage the power of IoT to provide your business with a multitude of benefits: 

  • Real-time fleet tracking

Gain complete visibility into your fleet’s location and movement, optimizing logistics and dispatch operations, ensuring timely deliveries, and improving customer satisfaction. 

  • Fuel efficiency

Monitor fuel consumption and identify areas for improvement, reducing costs and your environmental impact. Every drop saved goes straight to your bottom line and contributes to a greener future. 

  • Predictive maintenance

Minimize downtime and ensure vehicle safety through proactive maintenance based on real-time data analysis. Prevent breakdowns, avoid costly repairs, and keep your fleet on the road longer. 

  • Driver behavior monitoring

Promote safe driving practices and improve driver performance through data-driven insights. Encourage responsible driving habits, reduce accidents, and create a safer driving environment for everyone. 

The Future of Transportation

By choosing Eagle-IoT, you’ll be well-equipped to comply with upcoming regulations and avoid potential penalties, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind. 


  • Obtaining an operation card in minutes, not days. 
  • Having complete control over your fleet with advanced IoT technology. 
  • Operating with confidence, knowing you’re compliant and contributing to a safer, more efficient transportation system. 

This is the future Eagle-IoT and Wasl are actively shaping. Together, they empower transporters to thrive in the evolving regulatory landscape, contribute to a safer and more efficient transportation system, and ultimately propel Saudi Arabia’s economy forward. 

Automated surveillance trucks & buses

Ready to embrace the future?

Partner with Eagle-IoT to streamline your operations, ensure compliance with TGA, and gain a competitive edge. Contact us today to explore comprehensive solutions and unlock the path to success in the dynamic transportation industry.  

Together, let’s drive the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s transportation industry towards a brighter, more efficient future. 

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