What are some of the benefits that IoT offers to the food industry?

The food industry has stepped into a new era where health and sustainability are prioritized while shopping. With customers concerned about their carbon footprint, there is a growing interest in where food is produced, how it travels, and when it is prepared. The way forward is to emphasize sustainability in food production, use automation and robotics to be cost-effective and to transition to smart agricultural technology.
The digitization of the food industry allows farmers, suppliers, processors, retailers, and consumers to make knowledgeable choices.
Furthermore, IoT helps the food business with supply chain traceability, food safety, and accountability. Besides this, networked packaging systems, thermal mapping in the warehouse, and forward-looking planning with the help of IoT solutions have significantly decreased the wastage of resources, and liabilities involved with the process.
With the incorporation of IoT in the agricultural industry, the possibilities of achieving maximum production while being environmental friendly have exponentially increased. With IoT sensors and cloud computing, it has been easier now to manage the quantity and quality of water and soil respectively, the distribution of water, and accessing meteorological information.
Neural networks, support vector machines, and electronic smell techniques can be used to rapidly detect moldy fruits in cold stores. Similarly, the insect surveillance system can be used in open fields using vibro-acoustic sensors
At the storage end, IoT sensors can be utilized for monitoring temperature and humidity levels during transportation and cold storage, and comprehensive analysis is available to ensure improved food safety. Eagle-Iot Cold-Chain Monitoring Solution allows real-time monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity. A thermal mapping study can be done to ensure proper temperatures in the storage facility. Eagle-IoT Warehouse management solution can be used to monitor proper rack management and inventory placement.
In the span of a short time, the interconnectedness of ‘farm’ to ‘fork’ is the borderless world that we live in. End-to-end transparency of the food supply chain is the only way to ensure ethical and fair-trade food which is also the need for food safety. Eagle-I covers the end-to-end supply chain process and gives valuable insights allowing our customers to optimize their operational procedures, lower their expenditures and get maximum returns.


It is the need of the hour to learn to be a master of the new complexity step by step while focusing on best practices. Take the baby steps at a time, start with the improvements in production or logistic processes which can be done quickly and without great risk. Reinvent your options to digitize the food industry with Eagle-IoT solutions. Know more

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