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According to the report from Berg Insights, “Global Automotive OEM Telematics Market”82.7% of all vehicles manufactured in 2024 will have embedded telematics. So, what does this mean for your fleet?

Traditionally, a standard telematics system immediately notifies the fleet manager of the fault code that occurred (critical or noncritical), rather than providing a probable cause and a recommended solution. A fleet manager supervising 1000 machines may receive 100 or more emails or texts per day containing noncritical fault codes with a probability offraction of those alerts, if not addressed quickly, could lead to a major problem, such as engine failure. With a crowded inbox full of noncritical alerts, the probability to acknowledge critical alert are lesswhich could potentially result in downtime that could have been avoided if fault code alerts were sorted based on their nature.
To assist the fleet managers in navigating the overwhelming quantity of data emerging from their vehicles, fleetscollaborating withOEMto provide alerts and break down actionable reports to improve uptime and efficiency. The software in an OEM-managed telematics system sorts through machine fault codes and only alert the user or fleet manager when they are critical. An advanced telematics system alert should consist of the exact reason for the alert, what is causing the problem and what will happen if action to fix the issue is not taken
Telematics service providers, such as Eagle-I, provide raw data to OEM partners, who can then translate it into severity codes, which are then analyzed by the OEM and uploaded to the Eagle-I platform, resulting in a single platform for more accessible and informed fleet choices.
Furthermore, fleets may reduce unnecessary downtime by conducting preventive maintenance (PM) alerts on monthly basis to highlight specific areas of focus in order to eradicate potentially critical warnings. Eagle-I delivers a stress-free fleet maintenance solution that will enhance your fleet’s productivity and profitability by eliminating unexpected downtime and enhancing overall efficiency in the maintenance and repair process.

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