School Bus Tracking

Put an end to the never-ending worries for the children’s safety with Eagle-I School Bus Tracking Solution.

Eagle-I offers GPS based school bus tracking solution to provide you the access of detailed map view of trip, helps you to keep an eye on driver’s behaviour. The solution is provided through the Parents App, Drivers App, and Management App

Eagle-i School Bus Tracking Solution Provides you the Access

Real-Time Tracking

Trip Management

Video Telematics

Manager App

To ease the monitoring of school buses for School Manager, Manager app is designed to manage trips, buses and students.

  • Camera integrated in the bus, takes pictures of the activity inside the school bus with the choice of manual or automatic capturing
  • The driver’s behaviours like reckless driving, violations of the safety gears and abusing with the students can be monitored
  • Number of missed and unwanted stops during the trip
  • Daily reports on Trip attendance, student

Parent App

Eagle-I keeps you updated with your child’s traveling in school bus with Eagle-I school bus tracking solution.


Set a reminder about the bus reaching stop


Choose the pickup and drop off stops


Attendance report of the child


Real-time tracking of the bus


Event notifications of the bus and the child


Driver App

To Eagle-I has developed the Driver App to minimize the workload of the driver.

  • Provides information of the students and their stops.
  • RFID integration for student’s attendance
  • QR code scanning and manual attendance
  • Indicates the shortest route as per stops.