Hybrid Solution

Dual-Mode Satellite-Cellular Connectivity: Pivotal for Over-the-Road Transportation

Eagle-I Satellite GPS Tracker your quick solution to locate anyone or anything, anywhere. This satellite solution is ideal for tracking fixed or mobile business assets where cellular service is not available. The versatile Eagle-i satellite tracking devices report location in deserts, rural areas, through forests or even across open waters. All they require is a clear view of the sky.

An LTE – Satellite

Hybrid Solution Offers Zero Data Loss

Coverage And Capacity

When cellular coverage is not as ubiquitous as you might think, An LTE – Satellite Hybrid Solution will be there to transmit periodic data to ensure the safety or intactness of machine or vehicle.


No matter what’s the weather keep your fleets on track

Cell Jamming

Prevents the risks to drivers and cargo from cellular network jammers

Network Longevity

Satellite backup will future-proof against cellular network sunsets. Upon retrieval of GSM/GPRS, data saved in GPRS tracker will be flushed out to server automatically

Last Mile

Complete supply chain visibility to valuable insights allowing our customers to optimize their operational procedures, lower the expenditures and get maximum returns.

Theft Risk

Prevent the risk of theft, be alerted when the tracker is tampered, picked up, touched or moves; Eagle-I Sat+GPRS tracker has vibration sensors in the device. Get an alert as soon as movement is detected in the unit.