Why do you need Eagle-I as your preventive maintenance management software?

Fleet is the cornerstone of any business, if you’re not on top of fleet maintenance management, despite the numerous investments your business makes, none can be as significant as the one you are making in your fleet. Well-maintained fleets can not only save your drivers stranded in harsh weather conditions but it can also enhance the productivity of your fleet.

An upkeep fleet requires a solid, long-term preventative maintenance strategy that not only maximizes fleet uptime but also extends vehicle lifespan, keeping your fleet well-maintained to assure the safety of your assets while they are in motion.

Without telematics, preventative maintenance can be complicated. Eagle-I provides a full spectrum approach to the maintenance of fleets. With the integration of OBD-II, a DTC or a Diagnostic Trouble Code, is generated to notify about vehicle engine’s issues. There are typically limits for each system within your vehicle. When the vehicle detects that the issue exceeds these limits, it sends out a trouble code. OBD data obtained from IoT sensors embedded in your fleet can later be analysed to decide which components should be changed before they break down or cause an accident. Besides this, root cause of most issues can also be diagnosed remotely.

A preventative maintenance strategy is developed by integrating engine data, fuel consumption, tyre management, and odometer readings with fleet management software. Eagle-I also offers scheduled periodic maintenance for your fleet. The scheduled maintenance is a calendar-based maintenance that occurs at repeating intervals or in response to a work request. It can include things on the “daily” or “weekly” basis. To ensure streamline operation, Eagle-i, Service and Renewal module can be used to schedule your maintenance work without disrupting your daily operations. Scheduled maintenance can be based on date or distance. Eagle-i has capability to send email notifications to authorized personnel when an asset’s periodic maintenance gets due.

Using Eagle-I preventive maintenance solution can help automate processes and keep reports and historical data intact. Besides this preventive maintenance can prolong life expectancy of assets, reduced unplanned downtime, fewer breakdowns of fleet, improved reliability of mission-critical assets.

It is crucial to pick the right solution that not only offers built-in reporting but also automates maintenance workflows with instant maintenance reminders along with analytics and insights on maintenance-related issues. Eagle-I offers all that your business needs.

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