What is aggressive driving and how to curb it?

Whether you’re the offender or the victim, road rage is an ailment that has the ability to impact every motorist on the road. Even though exhibiting aggressive driving behaviorcan be fatal but it is preventable. If your fleet has drivers who are aggressive, there is probability the that they may not be aware of a problem or know how to control their own rage.


Instructing them “don’t drive furious!” is not sufficient. It is crucial to identify


What are the symptoms of Road Rage?

Road rage and aggressive driving behavior include:

· Over Speeding

· Swerving between lanes

· Tailgating other vehicles

· Honking without cause

· Running stop lights and signs

· Harsh braking

· No turn signals

· Harsh acceleration

· Using a vehicle as a barrier

· Harassing drivers by flashing headlights, gestures or yelling.

· Intentionally hitting another vehicle or person


What causes Road Rage?

Following are the factors that can contribute to road rage:

· Traffic delays or Heavy Traffics

· Running late

· Anonymity

· Disregard for others and the law

By leveraging Eagle-I fleet tracking and management platform fleet managers can not only assess their driver performance but can identify the root cause of aggressive driver behaviour, and can train them accordingly

Driver Scorecard:

Eagle-I driver scorecard gives safety score to every driver based on how well they performed on prior trips which helps fleet managers in rapidly identifying high-risk drivers by analysing their ratings who frequently engage in risky driving behaviors such sharp braking, speeding, strong acceleration, and hard turning.

These scores are calculated based on several important metrics measured by other vehicles’ onboard sensors and tracking devices. With the seamless integration of IoT-powered telematics devices, violations or over speeding can be automatically recorded, synchronized and reflected on the Eagle-I platform.

In-cabin alerts:

While aggressive driving is a traffic infraction, escalating road rage is illegal. To keep drivers alert and accident-free, Eagle-I has introduced new in-cabin alert systems to prevent car accidents.

AI-Based Cameras:

To provide a more holistic view, video telematics can be used to combine dashcam footage with vehicle analytics to detect risky events with the help of AI. With the help of video telematics fleet managers can be notified when the driver gets too close to the vehicle in front that they may collide. The sensor will not only beep and warn the driver but will also generate an alert to the fleet manager. Similarly in case of drifting and switching lanes fleet managers will get an instant alert. Fleet managers can also set the alerts in case of forward collision, lane switch, over speeding, harsh braking, signal violation, or seat belt absence. Similarly, if someone other than the assigned driver is driving the vehicle, the driver’s absence event will be triggered.

To ensure safe driving culture and achieve your fleet safety goals, Eagle-I provides the facility to save video clips triggered by key events to the cloud for driver coaching, later review or evidentiary support. Data can be easily accessed and analysed through Eagle-I dashboard.

Get your fleet outfitted with telematics today and stay ahead-of-the-curve with the gold standard in trucking technology.

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