Know what your fleet’s carbon footprint is!

Environmental sustainability initiatives are a new buzz around the globe with an objective to lessen the impact of your business on the planet. New legislations are introduced internationally to combat offsetting (carbon dioxide CO2) emission. In line with Vision 2030, Saudi Green Initiative has been introduced with an objective to increase Saudi Arabia’s reliance on clean energy for better quality of life with zero carbon footprints.  

It is expected that by 2030, carbon emission will be reduced by more than 278 mtpa, which will protect 20% of the marine, costal, territorial environment and methane emissions will be reduced by 30%, says Saudi Green Initiative sources  

As per determination of the Saudi Green Initiative we will experience net zero emission by 2060. Among all the businesses in Saudi Arabia, we see organizations with all kind of fleet operations tends to contemplate environmental sustainability programs with an ongoing drive to reduce CO2 emissions, but you may be wondering how difficult it would be to achieve significant change in your organization without knowing how to measure it. As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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But Eagle-IoT has good news for you! Now you can know what your fleet’s carbon footprint is? With Eagle-IoT carbon emission module, you can measure your fleet’s CO2 emissions and contribute to net zero emission by reducing it.

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There are 2 ways to calculate the carbon footprint of your fleet: a mathematical estimation or an accurate measurement by telematics.

While using mathematical estimation method one should be aware of how many litres of fuel his fleet consumes each month. This calculation is based on the vehicles CO2 grams per kilometre rating and annual mileage depending on the make, model, age of your fleet and how it was used by your workforce. Nonetheless, it still provides a very rough estimate.

However, there is another method which is used by Eagle-I to provide more precise calculation i.e., by using vehicle telematics. Eagle-IoT carbon emission module collects information on MPG and real fuel consumption straight from each car’s CANBUS data and then run analysis on this data to fetch useful insights visible on Eagle-I dashboard.


The actual MPG of each vehicle, fuel consumption of your asset is available for performance comparison at any point of time across the same car model. Eagle-I automated reports highlight the useful insights to improve your environmental impact.

Eagle-I can help meet green fleet and sustainability goals, by managing your fleet’s carbon footprint. To know more about us, contact

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