How telematics data helps you in accident reconstruction?

Unfortunately car accidents are very common in Kingdom although most of the car crashes are because of human error. There are many ways to avoid an accident but once it happens, the question arises what to do next?
Since car accidents litigations are governed by the state laws and for investigation and proving yourself innocent one needs to provide proper witnesses and proofs to prove. It is very important to know how it happened, why it happened and what the causes were. Rebuilding as much information as possible is vital to take the necessary action. With accident reconstruction data one can decide easily weather to fight a lawsuit or settle down quickly.

What is accident reconstruction?

It is the process which defines the event happened before, during and after the collision by using telematics data. Telematics data helps you in understanding the accident in a broader perspective. It provides you the scientific pattern of events with the access to the previous history of the specific vehicle or driver.
This tool can proved to be of significant importance for fleet managers and administrators in analyzing the causes of accidents, how it happened and who was guilty.
In accident reconstruction report Eagle-I offers you two types of information

  • Information about what happened
  • Information about the driver

This report is divided into three categories i.e. journey report, violation report and driver scorecard. The journey report gives you the detailed information about that specific information. The track he choose, the time of accident, location of accident along with the distance travelled before accident and the utilization of asset. Here utilization of asset is of paramount importance as it can help in identifying the fatigue of driver. How long did he travelled without taking break before an accident? Eagle-I also provides you the last stop where he rested with his duration of stay.
The violation report shows the summary of all the violations happened in that specific journey. Whereas driver scorecard gives you the comprehensive information about driver’s behavior with accelerometer data (harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh corning), RPM data and speed profile during the accident.
The above mentioned all information will not only be beneficial in analyzing the situation of accident but it can also be used to prevent accidents in future by observing the pattern. Moreover, this information can also help you in claiming your insurance.

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