How Fleets can Succeed in 2023 by using Route Optimization?

With the ever-increasing global inflation, routing has emerged as one of the most crucial aspects of fleet management to get the grip on fuel expenditure. When done manually, fleet managers are always occupied on the routing component of fleet management. However, it is next to impossible to find the optimum routes without spending unjustifiable amounts of time on managing those delivery routes. Besides that, it also increases the risk of overbooking vehicles and excess fuel usage leading to escalated operational costs.

There are literally millions of potential route options if you only have a few trucks with 10 stops each. The route optimization software is designed to calculate the best routes in a matter of seconds, maximizing the number of deliveries and increasing revenue your business exponentially. With route optimization finding the quickest path isn’t the only option here. When incorporating variables, route planning aims to reduce the amount of time spent traveling overall while making any number of stops. The software considers the following variable while planning optimized routes for deliveries:

  • Delivery time windows
  • Vehicle load capacity (weight and/or volume)
  • Driver schedule
  • Driver proximity and/or hub location
  • Traffic congestion
  • Accidents on the roads
  • How far the different stops are from one another

Eagle-I’s route optimization provides an opportunity for dispatchers and route planners to plan routes, create a series of stops, add multiple zones for closer monitoring and alerts. These customized routes can be created by simply providing the starting and ending points of your journey and the route will be pushed to the driver through specifically designed Eagle-i mobile applications. Drivers can react to last-minute changes by adapting routes already underway. It is designed for two-way information flow between drivers and dispatchers. Fleet manages can send command through voice call by incorporating Bluetooth headset with Eagle-I tracking devices. Drivers can also send feedback related to each task. RMS dashboard can be accessed for clear indication of total number routes, in process jobs, completed tasks. Tasks can be marked as complete, cancelled or failed by supervisor on RMS dashboard. With Eagle-I tailored journeys can also be created for special handling and perishable good

Optimizing your routes will not only save your time but can create more opportunities to perform extra jobs and take on more clients by tightening the service windows. Moreover, dynamic routing and accurate scheduling can be used as tool to improve customer satisfaction. 

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