How fleet owners can make their fleet safe?

The majority of traffic accidents are caused by unsafe driving, which are not only expensive in terms of repairing cars and other equipment, paying insurance premiums, receiving penalties, causing property damage, but most importantly, endangering the well-being and safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Over 65% of accidents occur because of vehicle’s over speeding, drivers violating traffic signals, or atrocious vehicle maintenance. According to research, 81% of the mortality rate in hospitals is due to road traffic accidents, while traffic accident victims occupy 20% of their beds. Besides this, statistics also indicate 79.2% of patients admitted to hospitals with spinal injuries have sustained injuries due to a motor vehicle accident.

The question is – what actually causes these accidents?

Many accidents can be avoided by implementing an effective Accident Management Approach based on preventative maintenance, driver training and analysing of fleet data, safety alerts, and dashcams. Eagle-I offers an advanced accident management solution designed to easily integrate with your fleet’s existing software allowing you to gain complete visibility across your entire fleet operations using real-time data to reduce costs and keep your vehicles and drivers safe.

    The question is – what actually causes these accidents?

    Advanced telematics

    Fleet managers should invest in a fleet management software system that can store all accident data in a single secure place. Eagle-I accident reconstruction data helps you in understanding the accident in a broader perspective. It provides you with the scientific pattern of events with access to the previous history of the specific vehicle or driver. This tool can prove to be of significant importance for fleet managers and administrators in analyzing the causes of accidents, how it happened, and who was guilty.

    In accident reconstruction report Eagle-I offers you two types of information

    · Information about what happened

    · Information about the driver

      Video telematics : With a technology to integrate cameras and analytics with fleet tracking, video telematics can be used as a tool to identify and modify risky driving behavior and serves a timely video evidence of critical incidents. The AI-camera works on ADAS and DMS algorithms which serve as a virtual coach to avoid accidents and assist drivers in gradually improving their performance on the road by providing real-time, actionable alerts.

      To ensure safe driving culture and achieve your fleet safety goals, Eagle-I provides the facility to save video clips triggered by key events to the cloud for driver coaching, later review or evidentiary support. Data can be easily accessed and analysed through Eage-I dashboard.

      Check the weather

      Keep an eye on local weather reports and road closures to help avoid dangerous driving conditions, and make sure vehicles are always equipped with the correct aids, such as anti-freeze and ice scrapers for winter driving with Eagle-I weather layer and traffic layer.

        Eagle-I weather layer and traffic layer.

        Preventive maintenance

        Eagle-I provides the right tools, techniques, and expertise to empower you to keep your fleet safe. It provides you full-spectrum approach to manage your fleet by using OBD data and inform you timely of engine faults by providing you the diagnostic data in a dashboard. Eagle-I uses the data to make accurate recommendations for maintenance, inspections and repairs that reduce operating costs and increase lifecycle performance. From initial accident reporting right through to vehicle repair and getting it back on the road, you can instantly keep track of the entire accident management process, and revisit and analyse data providing valuable insights towards lowering the reoccurrence of future accidents.

        To implement an effective accident management solution with Eagle-I to ensure safe fleet, compliant vehicles and safe drivers, contact us today!

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