How DMS based Video Telematics empowers driver? 

The Growing Need for Enhanced Fleet Safety 

Being a fleet manager there comes a constant worry and uncertainty to manage and protect your fleet.  The increasing recognition of driver distraction has prompted a significant uptick in commercial fleet managers embracing video telematics alongside driver monitoring systems (DMS), positioning them as essential components of their fleet safety initiatives. Fleet managers can not only gain visibility by utilizing the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) algorithm, in-cab alerts, driver coaching; but can also effectively prevent accidents, increase driver accountability, and lower fleet insurance costs. 

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What is DMS and why is it becoming so popular? 

As a crucial technology for preventing accidents and optimizing driver safety, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) are experiencing growing prominence within the automotive industry.  It’s AI-based algorithm uses advanced technology to monitor the rapid eye movement, head position, and alertness levels of the driver in real-time to detect signs of fatigue, distraction, and other risky behaviours. In-cab alerts are sent to drivers when they engage in unsafe driving practices 

Video Telematics

A typical DMS algorithm generates alert for the following risky behaviour: 

Smoking: An alert is triggered when the driver is seen smoking while driving a vehicle.    

Distracted driving: If a driver is not staring directly in front, an event of distracted driving is generated.  

Mobile Usage:  Driver-facing, in-cab AI dashcam generates an alert if the driver is using phone while driving.   

Drowsiness: An event is triggered to discourage the practice of driving while fatigued.   

    Enhancing Safety Measures: Proactive Policy Formulation 

    These insights actually put your drivers on a scale from best to worst driving behavior helping fleet managers to identify the risks and generate policies accordingly. These policies usually include trainings, incentives, penalties and even terminations. They can also utilize these insights to take proactive measures to prevent accidents. These features offer a comprehensive picture to provide insight about what happens in-cabin and serves as in-depth evidence in case of an incident or collision. 

    Video Telematics
    Video Telematics

    The Future of Fleet Safety: Integrating AI-Based Analytics

    As the automotive industry continues to evolve and awareness of driver distraction grows, DMS is likely to become an even more important and valuable tool for improving driver safety and reducing accidents. By integrating Eagle-IoT video telematics with existing solutions and workflows, fleets can harness the power of AI-based analytics to further bolster their safety measures.   

    Stay tuned to learn more about this game-changing solution that will redefine your understanding of fleet safety and efficiency. 

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