Hazmat trucking and new compliance requirements by TGA  

The transportation of petroleum products and hazmat load have big role in the transportation industry of any country’s economy. Hazmat trucking is the transportation of hazardous materials, which includes hazardous gases, chemicals or poisons to trash and radioactive materials. When you are the driver of hazmat trucking, driving safely is the foremost priority, Drivers hauling a hazmat load and petroleum products have the added stress of ensuring they are following the additional regulations for this type of cargo.

The transportation of petroleum products and hazardous materials must have its transportation policies in accordance with the new regulations issued by Transport General Authority to optimize the benefits of producing and transporting such resources. For your fleet running on road, vehicles must be connected with Wasal portal where operation cards are issued for vehicles. However, it can only be made possible when public or private transport have load sensors installed in their vehicles from tracking companies licensed by Transport General Authority such as Digital Myths Solution.

Vehicle insurance telematics
Vehicle insurance telematics

Recently a new regulation has been issued for transporters of petroleum products and hazardous materials to have an online electronic permit issued by Naqal to ensure the safety and quality of goods. The permit will be used as evidence that the material at the time of delivery to consignee is in the same condition as described in the document by the transporter. It will secure the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in the transportation process. Fleet managers dealing with these products must be well-versed in risk management. Since their ignorance will not only hinders the hauling business but the material might endanger humans, animals, or the environment. However, hazardous trucking may be worthwhile if you practice cautions, understand the products, and use fleet management systems licensed by TGA such as Eagle-I vehicle tracking and fleet management system.

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