Fuel Management


Streamline your fuel management process with Eagle-IoT advanced Fuel Management Solution and unlock hidden potential. 

Log your fuel consumption with Eagle-IoT Fuel Management Solution to gain powerful fuel insight, identify highconsumption vehicles and allocate them based on their usage.  Eagle-IoT is committed to helping businesses optimize fuel usage, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiency  


High Accuracy

Better Long-Term Stability

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Environmental Friendliness


Remote Tank Monitoring

With fuel tank monitoring, track the volume, refilling, and draining of your fuel tank. Stay informed about when, where, and how much fuel was filled into the tank. Additionally, rate your drivers and vehicles based on their fuel consumption.

Reports, Analytics and Notifications

Receive detailed fuel reports, including total fuel consumed, fuel level at start and end of trip, average fuel consumption, refuelling and fuel draining events. Get instant notifications on fuel draining events via web, mobile and email.

Fuel Theft Detection

Gain insight into sudden fuel level drops with graphical representation, Identify the fuel theft runtime, with following information: 

  • Date/Time of theft  
  • Location  
  • Amount of theft in percentage  
  • Driver/Operator information 

The Eagle-IoT Advantage

  • Accurate Fuel Monitoring: Monitor fuel levels in real-time with an accuracy of ± 0.5%, preventing unauthorized usage and reducing the risk of theft.  

  • Fuel Optimization: Optimize fuel usage with advanced algorithms and reduce wastage, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Automated Reporting: Generate detailed reports automatically, streamline record-keeping and regulatory compliance.  

  • Maintenance Alerts: Receive timely alerts for scheduled maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and preventing downtime.

  • Integrated Analytics: Analyze fuel data to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential areas for improvement. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the Eagle-IoT Fuel Management Solution work?
The Eagle-IoT Fuel Management Solution provide real-time monitoring of fuel levels and consumption pattern by using advanced sensor, devices to measure fuel levels in tanks and provides instant alerts and detailed reports on fuel usage.  
How can I log my fuel consumption with Eagle-IoT?
With Eagle-IoT, you can log your fuel consumption on the go. You can upload fuel receipts through our web platform and mobile applications, eliminating the need for paper receipts. This allows you to monitor your fuel expenses and consumption on our web-based portal.  
How does Eagle-IoT help in identifying high fuel-consumption vehicles?
Eagle-IoT’s advanced analytics feature offers insights into fuel consumption patterns. It identifies vehicles with high fuel consumption, enabling businesses to allocate resources more efficiently.  
How can Eagle-IoT fuel management solution help in reducing costs?
By providing real-time monitoring and detailed analytics of fuel consumption, Eagle-IoT enables businesses to identify areas where fuel usage can be reduced. This helps in optimizing fuel usage, thereby reducing costs.  
How does Eagle-IoT contribute to environmental monitoring?
Eagle-IoT provides real-time carbon emission monitoring and analytics and insight into shifts or trends in driver behavior. It helps in tracking and analyzing carbon emission data to achieve net zero 
How does Eagle-IoT ensure the accuracy of fuel level monitoring?
Eagle-IoT uses advanced sensor devices that provide accurate measurement ± 0.5% of fuel levels in tanks. These ultrasonic sensors are weatherproof and maintain accuracy, ensuring reliable performance.  
Is Eagle-IoT Fuel Management Solution compatible with different fuel types?
Yes, our solution can work with a wide range of fuel types, including diesel, gasoline, and more. 
How long does it take to see a return on investment with the fuel management solution?
Many customers of Eagle-IoT have seen a significant return on their investment within the first few months of implementing the solution. 
How can I get started with Eagle-IoT?
To get started with Eagle-IoT, sign up for Demo Request or contact us at +966 53 308 5658. Our experts will guide you through the setup process and provide support as needed.  
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