Fleet Intelligence Just Got Better!

Having the ability to monitor and analyze data is very important when it comes to keep track of your fleet vehicles. For an organization to have an edge in the competitive market one need to have an insight of operational activities in your fleet. This insight can be achieved by making a connection between your asset and integrating telematics with your business systems. Eagle-I has integrated power BI to provide the insight of what’s happened in the past and what’s happening in the present, and what might happen in the future. The integration of Power BI has enhanced the machine learning capabilities of Eagle-I to spot patterns in data and use those patterns to make informed predictions allowing fleet managers to generate forecasts and prepare themselves to meet future demand and other key metrics of running smooth fleet operations.

With the adoption of data-driven decision-making strategy in an organization significant improvement can be experienced. The fleet management systems consist of the data from the utilization of assets to their maintenance, compliance, accidents, and disposal. The integration allows the data from different operating systems to be gathered at a single platform which can be later used for analysis. This not only simplifies the cascade of data for analysis but also improves efficiency and saves the time of an organization by having all the relevant information in one place for decision-making.

The dashboard of customized telematics platform looks a like the front page of newspaper broadcasting exclusive dashboard reports with critical values while cutting down visual clutter to ensure fleet managers can analyze fleet activities rapidly while reducing navigation time. An effective vehicle tracking and fleet management system such as Eagle-I offers easy to use interface to provide custom access to fuel tracking, OBD data to determine engine fault codes. Eagle-I driver scorecard features over-speeding violations, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, hours of service, idling, seatbelt violation. Eagle-I Driver Reports are designed to provide detailed information about driver behavior, their performance, miles traveled and violations.

The detailed analytics of driver performance can be used to customize the safety thresholds for your fleet. Eagle-I driver scorecard equips you with driver rating based on their driver behaviour for the past few weeks, months, or quarters. This will help the fleet managers to see the trends in driver behavior and how they are impacting the business. Moreover, CO2 emissions, fleet budgeting or cost-saving analyses across numerous vehicles can also be integrated into your custom solution.

Eagle-I offers advanced reporting which delivers the customized information you want, the way you want it, when you want it. Eagle-I reports comprises of


  • Asset based data
  • Driver based data
  • Location based data
  • FMS / Admin Reports

Eagle-I Care division can also send specific reports to the clients on daily or weekly bases. 

To ensure the complete utilization of the fleet software, a well-trained staff capable of handling the software is also of significant importance. The data collected, stored, and analyzed by the system can only make sense if it is

clearly understood by the operators. This information loses value if proper actions are not taken to solve the problems that have been detected without delay.

To learn more about Eagle-I fleet management and vehicle tracking system visit our website or contact us at info@dms-ksa.com today. Our experts would be happy to customize the best vehicle tracking features for your needs.


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