Fatigue: the overlooked reason behind most of the accidents

In our previous articles, we focused that how telematics can be beneficial for fleet owners. Whether to increase the productivity and efficiency of the fleet or just to track the movement or the assets, it offers all. But eventually, it all comes down to the safety of the drivers, passengers, and assets. Eagle-I being the ultimate fleet management application, provides a set of tools to achieve most out of the fleet by monitoring utilization, driver behavior, routes taken, and much more. It generates a drivers’ scorecard with complete details of their driving behavior.

Being the pioneers in the telematics industry, Digital Myth Solutions not only serves the industry with latest technologies and advanced features but we also provide insight on the issues the fleet owners are facing or may encounter, through our observations and feedback from our valuable customers. Our core purpose is to make roads safer and transportation more efficient.

Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management
Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management

What we have observed is the fleet owners tend to reward the drivers who are spending more time on the road. Higher the numbers that they see on the ‘distance traveled’ column, the better the driver is. But here we are encouraging a dangerous trend. The drivers always try to do jobs beyond their duty hours to earns some extra cash for their overtime works and with rewarding them for the high number of work hours is encouraging them to do more.

Forcing our drivers to do more is not the best choice. In fact, it should be taken as a factor of inefficiency. The reason is simple, the more a driver spends time on the road, higher his fatigue level will rise and eventually the risk of accident drastically increases. Most of the accidents happen due to the lake of concentration, which means a lack of sleep and overburdened routines. Whether these routines are forcefully implemented or the drivers choose to earn rewards, either way, it should be discouraged. There should be a limit to the maximum allowed work hours, and if the driver scorecard indicates such a value, the score of that driver should be deducted and he should be penalized rather rewarded.

Eagle-Iot Cold-Chain Monitoring Solution
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