Driver scorecard-First step to the safety of your fleet

No matter what the size of fleet is, safety of the asset and driver is always of the utmost importance for any fleet manager. To address the safety concerns of asset and to monitor the driver’s performance, driver scorecard was designed.

Driver scorecard initially emerged as an important metrics in the start of 2000 as a mean of measuring fuel economy and safety. It is a common saying you cannot manage what you cannot measure. However, with the evolvement of telematics it was developed as a tool for measuring the performance of drivers. The primarily focus of driver scorecard is to measure the aggressive driving, seat belt usage, and speeding that depicts the behavior of driving.

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The most distinctive characteristic of driver scorecard is the properly managed statistical data presented in interactive charts and images that helps in understanding the performance of driver without having any prior knowledge.

Eagle-I driver’s scorecard enables you to monitor the performance of your driver based on speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and idling. This report can be utilized to modify the driver behavior depending upon his practices. Moreover, it can also be customized according to individual preferences. Eagle-I dashboard gives you the power to review the performance of individual driver based on this six monthly history with interactive images and charts.

Operating the fleet in a same manner will eventually help an organization in improving the fuel economy along with the less wear and tear of vehicle. Not only this, safe driving behavior may earn you discounted insurance premium as many automobile insurers are integrating telematics based information in their policy.

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