Why is it crucial to ensure quality control in healthcare industry? 

Why the Right Conditions Matter: 

Have you ever wondered, why is it crucial to keep biotechnology and pharmaceutical products under the right ambient conditions? 

While we are well aware of the fact that pharmaceutical products have potential life-saving and invigorating capabilities yet the complexity of the products and vulnerability to a wider range of circumstances such as sensitivity to heat, humidity, and even light during research, development, transportation, and storage demands the products to be well taken care of in order to avoid potentially fatal side effects. Besides this, another interesting research shows that many of these chemicals are also vulnerable to vibrations and shocks.   

The Importance of Maintaining Optimal Conditions for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Products 

According to the research conducted about the effectiveness of vaccines during logistics and supply stages, approximately 30% of the medications worldwide are damaged and become unusable. Besides the great financial losses, it is also a significant moral loss due to the inability to deliver the medications to those who need them. To avoid the degradation of the products when the storage environment exceeds the safe ranges of temperature; thermal mapping is done so variations can be mapped, analyzed, and corrected to ensure the effectiveness of controlled temperature units. Eagle-IoT also offers thermal mapping studies to ensure even the slightest change in environmental conditions does not go unnoticed.  

Cold-Chain Monitoring
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Beyond Temperature: 

Considering the fact, we are living in post Covid era where the necessity of transporting Pfizer / BionTech vaccine at -70 degrees Celsius and Moderna at -20 degrees Celsius has emerged as a logistical problem, Eagle-IoT cold chain monitoring solution provides end-to-end ability to monitor, and data log the temperature of products in real time. 


Damage can result from a wide range of circumstances: 


  • Mishandling during packing, shipping, and receiving packages.  
  • Incorrect humidity settings in the freight compartment. 
  • Exposure to temperatures outside the safe range. 
  • Exposure to light.  

    Tailored Solutions, Real-time Data: 

    Eagle-IoT cold store monitoring solution can be fully or partially deployed as per the operational needs. A variety of sensors are installed (e.g.; temperature, humidity, magnetic door, proximity, beacons etc.) which connect and transmits the data to a gateway at regular intervals. The gateway connects to the Eagle-I cloud server and transmits the data which is then translated to appropriate graphical views for the end-user on the Eagle-I IoT platform. 

    Proactive Compliance: 

    Eagle-IoT cold store monitoring solution offers proactive management for compliance by generating automated custom alerts when temperature breaches predefined optimal settings, refrigeration units are turned off, or hardware failure alarms are received, Instant alerts are generated through emails, Eagle-I mobile & web applications and phone calls.  Custom reports can be generated as proof of compliance. 


    Cold-Chain Monitoring

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