A guide to plan a successful thermal mapping study

As per the new guideline issued by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), it is mandatory for temperature-controlled facility to have Data-Driven Thermal Analysis to meet the new requirement of Storage Regulatory. In a controlled temperature environment (CTE), temperature fluctuation is far from straightforward. With the implementation of thermal mapping technique, we can stabilize the temperature and humidity in a controlled environment (such as a warehouse, refrigerator, or vehicle). It ensures that your products are kept within the certain temperature range, minimizing the chances of spoilage or damage. Besides this, the study allows to identify any potential hot or cold locations which could possibly jeopardize the temperature-sensitive items.  

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 Here is Eagle-IoT guide to carry out successful thermal mapping study in cold chain facility with the most accurate data possible

Data Logger selection for thermal validation

In the past few years, technology in dataloggers has come a long way. Enhanced accuracy, improved response time, increased battery life, flexibility and software have played their part within the industry. Selection of data logger is crucial depending on the type of facility and operation. Wireless data sensors are now available with an accuracy of ±0.05°C along with interchangeable sensors for measuring humidity, pressure, conductivity and CO2 depending on client requirement.

Quantity of Data Loggers

The quantity of data loggers depends on the measurement of the area to be monitored. The area under monitoring is defined as all quadrants and possible spot location areas in which the product can be exposed. Besides this, number of data loggers also depends on the number of measurement points inside the area of monitoring in a particular equipment chamber, cleanroom, or product pallet. 

*/Typically, before the start, thermal mapping monitoring is important to prepare a specific as-built drawing representing the dimensions of the area to be measured with space to add the location number of each data logger in a particular quadrant equidistant to each other to cover the entire area./*

Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure
Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure

External influence consideration

Another important factor that needs to be considered during a thermal mapping study is the effect of external influences. Seasonal temperature variations play a crucial part in this study. Therefore, it is recommended by Eagle-IoT experts to carry out this study at the coldest and hottest time of the year to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Identify critical mapping points

Thermal mapping study will help you to identify the crucial data sensor placement for the storage envelop. Storage envelop is a term used to refer the designated area for storing the products in a warehouse. Factors needs to be considered for storage envelope include storage rack numbers, storage rack dimensions, storage rack and product spacing, and thermal mass distribution. This study also indicates the hottest, coldest and average temperature locations for continuous monitoring system.

Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure
Digitize your Waste Management infrastructure

Data analysis 

Equipped with years of industry-leading experience there’s no task too big or too small for our dedicated teams. Eagle-IoT data logger specialist can configure data sensors for you, and can install ready-to-use data loggers in your facility for collecting data from your thermal mapping study. Besides this, at the end of thermal mapping study, Eagle-IoT offers data extraction, evaluation and detailed statistical analysis with graphical representation of average, maximum, and minimum points.

To ensure the mapping study benefitting, it is essential to consider all the critical points deemed important by the end user. Depending on the scope of the project, factors such as study length, the temperature range acceptable for operation, the quantity of sensors, sensor locations, and storage envelope parameters, affecting the study will be different   

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