Auto Fleet Management

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With Eagle-I Supply chain management, get complete visibility of your valuable assets from production to the end-user. 

A typical supply chain process

The process is initiated from supply of the raw material, typically received at ports, at this stage, eagle-I offers container monitoring.

Container Monitoring Solution

The second stage is manufacturing, here the eagle-I’s asset management solution makes the process SMART:

Asset Management Solution

The third stage of supply chain is distribution. Eagle-I’s dispatch system is the right choice:

Driver dispatch system

Driver Dispatch System

The fourth stage is the storage before a final dispatch to the end-user. For this stage, eagle-I’s warehouse management is all you need

Warehouse management system

This is how Eagle-I covers the end-to-end supply chain process and give valuable insights allowing our customers to optimize their operational procedures, lower the expenditures and get maximum returns.