Oil & Gas

Eagle-I Satellite GPS Tracker your quick solution to locate anyone or anything, anywhere. This satellite solution is ideal for tracking fixed or mobile business assets where cellular service is not available. The versatile Eagle-i satellite tracking devices report location in deserts, rural areas, through forests or even across open waters. All they require is a clear view of the sky.

Solution introduction

Asset management from fleet to machinery is the considered as core of oil & gas industry. This is one of the few industries in the world which have put new challenges and milestones in the way of technology. All the contractors have to comply to the high standards of the industry which includes HSEC. Eagle-I is designed around such compliances and requirements and is serving major service providers ensuring continuous evolvement as per the standards.

Key Features


GV350, FMC130, FMC001, Engine Immobilizer Kit, InCAN, Driver Identification kit, Orbcomm Satellite devices, tilt/rotation sensor, panic button