Eagle-IoT integration: Connect with your system

Eagle-IoT introduces the integration of its fleet telematics system and APIs to adapt even more to the needs of their customers and open up unprecedented possibilities for countless industries.

With the Eagle-IoT API integration, fleet managers can connect the vehicle metrics via API to internal systems to avoid multitude of systems while carrying out their day-to-day tasks.

Our API integration automates   


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

PMS (Project Management Software)

RMS (Resource Management Software)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many more software to cut the complexity of multitude of systems

The data collected from the vehicle will be processed into Eagle-IoT fleet management solution will automatically be integrated into your internal software or even in your website without the potential risk of duplicating the information.

Eagle-IoT offers you custom made solutions for your business.

Easy integration

Eagle-IoT integration has been designed in a way to serve different vehicles. Our API are standardized and compatible with vehicles across makes and models besides they are developer friendly.

Pocket friendly

Make informed decisions about your fleet with Eagle-IoT. No need to pay shipping cost. Just pay monthly subscription for API integration and improve machine productivity & utilization.


Eagle-IoT API integration allows you to retrieve accurate and reliable information from the vehicle without tempering. Devices can’t be unplugged or left outside the vehicle, instead every API request successfully reaches the car.


No need to worry about malfunctioned or misplaced hardware. With Eagle-IoT APIs integration, once a vehicle is onboarded, fleet owners don’t need to deal with damaged, accidentally unplugged, or lost device since API requests and retrieve accurate information from vehicles


Access precise data for unlimited amounts* of time on your system. With a single dashboard monitor your fleet, manage bill, deliveries, staff organization and tasks or customer relationship