Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

With Eagle-I Temperature and Humidity monitoring, get complete visibility of your valuable assets from production to the end-user.

Deviations from desired temperature and humidity ranges will not get unnoticed may it be from power failure or human error with Eagle-I’s powerful monitoring and alerting system.


Eagle-IoT cold chain monitoring solution is compatible with all vehicles, allowing you to track your vehicles and monitor temperature and humidity level 24/7.

  • Temperature and Humity monitoring (-40°C / + 85°C | From 0% to 100% RH)
  • Instant alerts through emails, mobile & web applications and phone calls
  • Timely detection of refrigeration unit failure
  • State-of-the-Technology wireless and battery operated sensors
  • Multi-cabin, multi-sensor monitoring supported
  • Complete SFDA compliant solution (Registration of asset/inventory with WASL)

Set Temperature/Humidity Threshold

Adjustable lowest and highest temperature/humidity threshold to get instant alerts if they cross a certain level.

Instant Notifications

In case of an emergency, get notified instantly via Email or Smartphone notifications.

Humidity Monitoring

Keep a track of humidity levels in real-time, and view historical data of relative humidity (RT) to analyse your fleet’s performance.

Live Tracking

Never keep an eye off your assets

Avoid Mishandling

Monitor the operation of refrigeration unit in real-time.

Driver Dispatch

Deliver your perishable products timely with route optimization

Panic Button

Get instantaneous alert in real time from the driver/operator in case of refrigeration unit failures

History Playback

Keep a log of historical heat & humidity data.

Quick Installation

Quick, wireless installation, no IT integration required.

Eagle-i cater to different markets that include FMCG, dairy, confectionery, pharmaceutical, meat, animal feed and poultry products.

To gain end-to-end traceability throughout your supply chain, proactive alert system and actionable insight necessary to preserve the integrity of your product