Health Care

From ambulances to medical supplies and pharmaceutical, Eagle-I offers comprehensive solutions to optimize the operations while taking care of industry standards 
 – SFDA Authorized service provider. 

Solution introduction

When it comes to health care, the industry literally runs over different kinds of fleet, may it be reefer trucks carrying medical supplies or ambulances and emergency response assets. Eagle-I is a proven fleet management solution that offers health care solution all what is needed to run an effective and resilient operation. Eagle-I fleet management solution covers: 

Key Features

Live Tracking

Never keep an eye off your assets

Satellite based tracking

Ensure connectivity in remote areas


Keep a check of the drivers’ behaviour

Panic button

Get instantaneous alert from the driver/operator in case of an emergency


Vehicle Maintenance scheduling and alerts with the indication of unsafe assets

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Identification of fleet which have become a liability


Complete analysis of the fleet, see which kind of fleet is needed mostly

Crash Detection

Get timely notifications in case of an accident or a roll-over


Restrict your fleet to a region

On-board Diagnostics

Get OBD data of your fleet and be informed timely of engine faults

Driver scorecard

Rate your drivers through a dynamic scorecard

Seatbelt monitoring

Safety first

Ambulance dispatch

timely reach the emergency sites with route optimization

Asset Management

eagle-eye view of all of your assets and tools

Sensor telemetry

equip ambulances with multiple IoT sensors and get complete insights

Driver identification and authorization

Assign drivers/operators having right skill set to fleet and assets

Weather layer



AI powered dashcams adding a second layer of safety and security

Temperature and humidity monitoring

In trucks and cold stores

Door monitoring

Ensure the supplies reach destination safely

Load Monitoring

Avoid overloading and keep the shipment safe


GV350, FMC130, FMC001, InCAN, Driver Identification kit, Orbcomm Satellite devices, panic button, ELA PUCK RHT, Minew Sensors & Gateway