Our CMMS Software Keeps your Equipment Humming, Maximizing your Productivity

Ensure all team members are performing to the same standard and following the same maintenance processes 

Go beyond the built-in workflows and build custom modules to meet your specific need with CMMS software from Eagle-IoT. Track orders, capture asset details, and ensure contract performance. Eagle-IoT software offers real-time visibility into the location and condition of assets, to ensure timely intervention to prevent problems. Increase productivity and reduce emergencies with reports and notifications. Improve asset reliability and availability, optimize maintenance costs, and mitigate operational risks.  

Our CMMS Software Keeps your Equipment Humming, Maximizing your Productivity


Utilization monitoring
  1. Get instant notifications when assets change status, go above or below their predefined PAR level, or enter or exit a restricted region.  
  2. Reduce maintenance, storage, and inventory costs by identifying unneeded assets and getting rid of them. 
  3. Increase the availability of equipment and make sure assets are well-maintained.  
  4. Gain insight about underutilised assets, then add them back to the rotation.  
  5. Make data-driven decisions by monitoring the asset utilization of business units  
Failure Reporting
  1. Report incidents in the field to identify and plan the necessary interventions 
  2. Use extensive filtering function to properly maintain and repair your equipment 
  3. Quickly and easily identify and resolve maintenance issues.  
  4. Be notified if an asset rotates incorrectly before they cause a major disruption. 
  5. Take a closer look at an asset’s status to optimize the position of your assets in your logistics flow
Equipment Maintenance
  1. Compare the work and performance over time, view the whole work history of your assets to take data driven actions 
  2. Create checklists and assign to work orders 
  3. Sort the data based on asset details with preventive maintenance (PM) dates.  
  4. Ensure worker safety and regulatory compliance by immediately locating and removing recalled equipment 
  5. An entirely digital 52-week PPM calendar in an easy-to-use to ensure adherece to your SLAs.   
  6. Reduced response time and time to completion 
Reporting of CMMS
  1. Follow up on overdue tasks 
  2. Comprehensive reporting module performs analysis on your both staff performance and work processes,  
  3. Effortlessly generate reports filled with easy-to-comprehend graphs and KPIs.  
  4. Build custom reports with the available templates on workflow software.  
  5. Automatically store task-related information into an audit trail-which can be later generated as reports by building custom reports 
Digitized workflow
  1. Automatically generate work orders based on requests from tenants and assign them to your workforce. 
  2. Get the list of preferred vendors for the job type of the work order. 
  3. Get real-time visibility of work orders and their progress. 
Work Order Management
  1. Directly submit work order requests to the maintenance department. 
  2. Review, approve, delegate, and track work. 
  3. Get insights of the asset utilization to reduce the purchase and maintenance costs. 
  4. Generate alerts to identify under- and overstock of different assets and notify the relevant stakeholders. 
  5. Create standard operating procedures (SOP) for repeatable tasks to share across your organization to ensure consistency. 

Why CMMS System from Eagle-IoT?

  • Optimized asset performance  
  • Utilization monitoring 
  • Robust reporting to analyze and optimize staff performance and work processes 
  • Enhanced Inventory Management 
  • Centralized Maintenance Data   
  • Simplified Equipment Maintenance and Repair  
  • Streamline inspections and maintenance schedules 
  • Longer Equipment Life   
  • Reduced Downtime 
  • Cost Effective Repairs 


    Improve Maintenance Planning

    Plan and schedule maintenance activities to increase asset uptime and efficiency  

    Reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs  

    Improve labor productivity and resource utilization  

    Automate requisitions, purchase orders, and quotations 

    Enhance Asset Management 

    Build a detailed history of equipment information (including failure history, failure symptoms and causes) based on day-to-day maintenance activities  

    Analyze failure history and make data-driven decisions for asset optimization  

    Improve traceability and digitize manual logs for accurate maintenance tracking 

    Streamline Work Orders 

    Modernize work order management with simplified workflows  

    Easily submit and track work order requests online 

    Reduce purchase and maintenance costs by identifying underutilized assets 

    Report incidences in the field for quick intervention and troubleshooting 


          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

          What is Eagle-IoT CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System

          Eagle-IoT CMMS is a smart maintenance management system that simplifies the workflow by digitizing the work order management process.  

          How does Eagle-IoT CMMS help in work order management?

          Eagle-IoT CMMS allows you to directly submit work order requests to the maintenance department, review, approve, delegate, and track work, and get real-time visibility of work orders and their progress.  

          Can CMMS software from Eagle-IoT help in reducing costs?

          Yes, Eagle-IoT provides insights on asset utilization to help reduce purchase and maintenance costs. It also generates alerts to identify under- and overstock of different assets and notifies relevant stakeholders.  

          Can I create standardized procedures using Eagle-IoT Smart Maintenance Management System?

          Absolutely! Eagle-IoT enables you to create standard operating procedures (SOP) for repeatable tasks, which can be easily shared across your organization to ensure consistency.

          How does Eagle-IoT CMMS automate work order generation?

          Eagle-IoT CMMS can automatically generate work orders based on requests from tenants and assign them to your workforce. It also provides a list of preferred vendors for specific job types.  

          Can Smart Maintenance Management System help in reducing manual labor?

          Yes, it reduces manual labor by digitizing the log entry process and allowing you to input inspection data for assets on the go. You can also refer to the automated log of previous maintenance tasks on the mobile app

          Can Eagle-IoT helps in assigning work orders to staff?

          Absolutely! Eagle-IoT allows you to easily assign work orders to your staff to fulfill maintenance requests for equipment and assets. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. 

          Can Eagle-IoT integrate with our existing systems?

          Yes, Eagle-IoT Smart Maintenance Management can integrate with Systems of Record such as ERP, WMS, CMMS, or BIM solutions to provide complete visibility and streamline data management. 

          Is Eagle-IoT Smart Maintenance Management suitable for large-scale maintenance operations?

          Absolutely! Eagle-IoT Smart Maintenance Management is designed to handle maintenance processes across plants or entire enterprises, making it an ideal solution for large-scale operations. 


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