Fleet Analytics

Gain complete visibility of assets and access reports on the utilization of high-value equipment critical to your operations with Eagle-IoT asset management.

Asset Monitoring

Gain complete visibility of assets and access reports on the utilization of high-value equipment critical to your operations with Eagle-IoT asset management.

Fuel Management Solution

Log your fuel consumption with Eagle-IoT to gain powerful fuel insight and know how it contributes to asset operating costs. With a click, you can identify high consumption vehicles and allocate them based on their usage.

Driver Score Card

Eagle-I is a versatile fleet management platform, fully functional for all kinds of industrial sectors. Depending on your industrial needs, Eagle-I driver scorecard allows you to adjust your score violation weightage.

GPRS + Satellite Hybrid Solution

Eagle-I Satellite GPS Tracker your quick solution to locate anyone or anything, anywhere. This satellite solution is ideal for tracking fixed or mobile business assets where cellular service is not available. The versatile Eagle-i satellite tracking devices report location in deserts, rural areas, through forests or even across open waters. All they require is a clear view of the sky.

Cold Store Monitoring

From pharmaceutical to food sector, cold stores are primary storage units in the supply chain at multiple levels. It is a necessity to keep a check on the storage environment as a fluctuation in temperature may result in spoilage of material worth millions. In a conventional system, temperature and humidity is monitored and logged through a handheld logger at set intervals, hence prone to errors and fluctuations going unnoticed.

Driver Dispatch System

Dispatch System is part of Eagle-IoT’s Rout Optimization Module. It aims to make fully automatic the management and assignment of the tasks to drivers.

In the old methods, driver are provided with log book to complete their tasks, and return them back where the clerks start a new process of documentation and calculation.

School Bus Tracking Solutions

Put an end to the never-ending worries for the children’s safety with Eagle-I School Bus Tracking Solution

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Deviations from desired temperature and humidity ranges will not get unnoticed may it be from power failure or human error with Eagle-I’s powerful monitoring and alerting system.

Axle Load Monitoring

Axle load monitoring of heavy transport is always considered as one of the major components of Telematics. Eagle-I offers axle load monitoring system to the owners of fleet of public transport, commercial vehicles and trucks, construction machines, municipal vehicles to monitor cargo transportation process in details with the precision of 90% as instructed by Public Transport Authority (Saudi Arabia).

Waste Management Solution

Monitor any type of waste (mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio-waste, liquids, 

electronics, metal….) and level of filling, several times a day with our Smart Eagle-IoT ultrasonic sensor. 

Route Optimization Module

The module of Rout Optimization (RMS) is a very helpful tool for distribution companies. It aims to reduce the time spent and distance traveled in each trip, and thus increase the number of customers served by each vehicle.

Supply Chain Management

With Eagle-I Supply chain management, get complete visibility of your valuable assets from production to the end-user.

Fleet Budgeting

Eagle-i platform offers way more than any other conventional fleet management systems. From the fleet analytics to daily task management, Eagle-i encompasses all the dimensions of fleet management.

Outsize the wing of your fleet with


Eagle IoT is a platform designed to automate all your fleet operations from a single pane of glass. With our platform you can manage, monitor and optimize your operations throughout your product lifecycle.

Transcend your fleet intelligence today.

Fleet Management Solution

For businesses that rely on a fleet of drivers and vehicles to service customers, complete jobs and bring in revenue, tracking your assets is a top priority. Knowing how well your drivers and technicians are performing when they’re behind the wheel of a company vehicle and on a job site is critical information.  

To enhance the productivity of fleet, it is of utmost importance to have all information centerailzed at one location. Eagle-IoT syncs all the fleet management operations at a single platform allowing the fleet managers to monitor the operations and solve the issues no matter where they are.


  • Route optimization
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • KPI
  • Transforming your data
  • Dispatch system
  • Roi

Eagle-IoT provides a fleet risk management program to secure your assets and to enhance your safety. Besides this Eagle-IoT also provides you the contingency plan for mitigating the risk when they arise. To know more about fleet risk management program, feel free to contact us


Businesses with fleet being their primary assets know how important it is to have clearly defined policy to achieve the desired level of compliance. Eagle-IoT enusres your fleet compliances to be maintained and helps you in adhering to the regulations implemented by the authorities like Transport General Authority and Saudi Food and Drug Authority.Without the fleet management system, it can be a challenge to keep your fleet complaint with changing regulations and policies


Eagle-IoT provides a comprehensive API for fleet owners to integrate with any third party software like CRM, ERP systems, taking the power of data analysis to the next level.


Our Products


Eagle IoT is a platform designed to automate all your fleet operations from a single pane of glass. Manage, monitor and optimize your fleet operations throughout their lifecycle with Eagle-IoT



Al-VoIP offers a full Voice & Video Solution, installation and operation of VoIP products through a single electronic portal with support of professional engineers. Whether you are a service provider, reseller or a consumer! Al-Voip caters to all your needs.


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Fleets are indispensable for the growth of economy

Inevitably the roads become safer with every vehicle embracing the fleet technology. We believe safer roads lead to create positive impact on the boom of economy.


To ensure the perks of economy expansion reaches all corners of country we at Eagle-IoT have developed an  IoT based powerful, modern day full stack fleet management ecosystem catering the need of every stakeholder in the fleet economy.


Eagle – IoT has impacted the lives of uncountable vehicle owner till now. We are determined to expand more with each passing day.


Join our cause to make our roads safe for everyone, by embracing technology to our fleet leading to thriving the economy.

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To support and protect your business in the challenging market conditions, Eagle-I’s advanced fleet management software is backed by big data and data science techniques to analyze and interpret the data for company-wide visibility and management 


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Eagle-IoT solutions, including Eagle-i auto fleet management, are products of Digital Myth Solutions (DMS), an IT house representing the new trend of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is utilized to reach the highest levels of automation. The principal purpose of such a trend is to simultaneously reduce the cost of operations and human efforts.

Eagle-i and all other solutions supplied by DMS are developed on the same line.

About us

Digital Myth Solutions (DMS), as a leader in innovating fleet management and tracking service, represents the new trend of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the fleet management industry. DMS is  Dammam based company operating throughout KSA. Since being established in 2007, Eagle IoT has established itself countrywide as a leader in providing fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. We are now one of the few telematics providers in the industry accepted by the Transport General Authority (TGA) and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

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