Fleet Management Solution

Discover the future of connectivity with Eagle-IoT

All-in-one Solution for all Your Fleet Management and Maintenance Needs.

Discover the future of connectivity with Eagle-IoT

All-in-one Solution for all Your Fleet Management and Maintenance Needs.

Track every detail about your vehicles and equipment with precision. Eagle-IoT Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System puts you in control, allowing you to monitor and manage your fleet effortlessly.

Industries We Serve 

Transportation and Logistics

Health Care

Oil and gas

Car Rentals

Construction Machinery

Ready-Mix Concrete

Cold Chain

Waste Management


Your fleet’s trusted partner for precision control, optimized operations, and unwavering safety.

Experience the convenience of a user-friendly dashboard that provides a holistic view of your fleet ecosystem. Monitor device statuses, track performance metrics, and make informed decisions effortlessly. The intuitive interface ensures that managing your devices is as easy as a few clicks.

Vehicle Location History

With Location Playback track your vehicles’ movements and activities with a historical timeline, allowing you to optimize routes and monitor fleet movements efficiently. 

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User Management

Boost collaboration and control user access with custom roles and permissions. Eagle-IoT ensures that your team works together seamlessly

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VIN Decoding

Retrieve vehicle specs and maintenance schedules using VIN numbers with Eagle-IoT. Stay informed about your vehicle specifications effortlessly 

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Route Optimization

Generate dynamic routes, plan and prioritize deliveries seamlessly with multi-stop route optimization, maximizing driver productivity and customer satisfaction. 

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Driver Behavior

Monitor driving behavior patterns like speeding, harsh braking, or idling, promoting safe and fuel-efficient driving habits. Track driver hours and automatically trigger alerts to prevent fatigue-related incidents, prioritizing driver well-being.

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Live Traffic Updates

Stay ahead of congestion, delays, and accidents with live traffic updates and incident alerts. Optimize routes and keep your fleet flowing smoothly

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Live Weather Updates

Monitor current and upcoming weather conditions for your entire fleet’s operating areas. Proactively adapt schedules and routes to avoid potential disruptions

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Expense Tracking

Gain complete financial transparency with comprehensive expense tracking and cost analysis tools. Understand the true cost of ownership from acquisition to disposal of your fleet.

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Define virtual boundaries for authorized areas and receive instant alerts when vehicles enter or leave unauthorized zones. Ensure fleet security and adherence to regulations.

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Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Ensure optimal conditions for temperature-sensitive goods with real-time temperature and humidity monitoring within vehicles. Prevent spoilage and maintain product quality. Receive instant notifications when temperature or humidity levels exceed thresholds, allowing for prompt intervention and damage prevention.

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Fuel Efficiency Insights

Track fuel consumption, identify wasteful idling, and analyze driving patterns to improve fuel economy. Save money and reduce your environmental impact

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Customizable Reporting

Tailor your reporting experience to suit your specific needs. Create customized reports that provide the insights that matter most to your business. Eagle-IoT’s reporting capabilities offer flexibility and depth, allowing you to analyze data in a way that aligns with your goals.

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Vehicle Inspections

Maintain compliance and eliminate pencil whipping with electronic vehicle inspections. Ensure your vehicles meet safety standards effortlessly.

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Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Plan smart vehicle replacements, keeping your fleet efficient and cost-effective. Get the most out of your fleet with Eagle-IoT’s lifecycle management tools

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Fleet Maintenance

Automate maintenance triggers, track service, and resolve issues efficiently to minimize downtime and maximize uptime.Stay ahead of the curve with scheduled preventive maintenance and predictive service reminders. Ensure timely maintenance to prevent unexpected breakdowns

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Mobile App

Download our iOS or Android apps and work seamlessly from anywhere. Stay connected with your fleet even on the go

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How it Works: 

Embrace the future with a robust, secure, and scalable SAAS solution that puts you in control. 

  Device Integration: Connect your IoT devices and sensors to the Eagle-IoT platform. 

  Data Collection: Gather real-time data from connected devices. 

  Analytics: Utilize advanced analytics tools for data interpretation. 

  Decision-Making: Make informed decisions based on insights. 

  Remote Control: Manage and control devices remotely. 

Elevate your IoT experience with Eagle-IoT and unlock the true potential of your connected devices. Connect, manage, and innovate with confidence.

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