Eagle-IoT Platform

Our Features

Asset / Driver Management

Manage and measure the performance of your assets and equipment, whether they are purchased, leased or rented with Eagle-I asset and fleet management software

Traffic Layer

Traffic layer provide its user the ability to build a route depending on the traffic condition updates.

Weather Layer

Safe in all the seasons is the urge of fleet drivers.

Driver Scorecard

Driver scorecard allows you to adjust your score violation weightage.

Driver Identification

Track of your drivers, regardless of the vehicle they’re driving

Driver Behavior

Get the full insight of driver behavior behind the wheel.


keep an insight about your under-utilized and over utilized assets.

Live Dashboard
Get a bird’s-eye view of fleet productivity and manage exceptions in real-time.
Bi- Lingual

Eagle-I offers its fleet management solution bilingually (English/Arabic) 

History Playback

Regenerate every dropping point of your fleet with exact location for last six months

Asset - Geo Fencing Color Coding

Manage your assets with Geofence-to-site color-coding monitoring to get real-time visibility into your fleet.

Sensory Telematory

Discover the Solution You Need to enhance your Fleet Efficiency, Compliance and Security.

Live Tracking

Add value to your fleet operations, get 24/7 real-time insights in your fleet.

Service / Renewal Module

Analysis of a fleet and measure performance considering the cost of maintenance, fuel & renewals.

Route Management System
Looking to optimize your delivery routes? Determine the most cost-efficient route with Eagle-I route management system.
Make quick business decisions with alerts
Reporting Module

Improve your fleet's performance, safety, and efficiency with Eagle-I advanced data reports.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is designed to facilitate fleet owners and platform users alike