Eagle-IoT Platform

Our Features

Eagle-I is a comprehensive fleet management solution through which fleet owners can manage their assets and drivers with ease.

Eagle-I is an advanced fleet management system which provides a functionality through which drivers can ensures the visibility when your fleet is on the road.

When road is your workplace then being productive, efficient, and safe in all the seasons is the urge of fleet drivers.

Eagle-I is a versatile fleet management platform, fully functional for all kinds of industrial sectors. Depending on your industrial needs, Eagle-I driver scorecard allows you to adjust your score violation weightage.


With Eagle-I driver identification, drivers are issued a unique id (an ibutton, a keyfob or an rfid card). Each ID is associated with the driver’s name in the Eagle-I platform.

Eagle-I provides you access to powerful driver dashboard which gives birds-eye-view of all driver behavior from harsh braking, cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, over speeding etc.

To ensure the best out of your assets, Eagle-I provides you in-depth analysis of utilization of your asset. 

Live dashboard is a powerful feature of Eagle-I Fleet Management System, through which a fleet supervisor can have a live view of each of his assets’ dashboard and telemetry without leaving the comfort of the office or making calls to the drivers.

Eagle-i is available in two languages; Arabic and English, users can swap between the two with a single click

Regenerate every dropping point of your fleet with exact location for last six months

Manage your assets with Geofence-to-site color-coding monitoring to get real-time visibility into your fleet.

Discover the Solution You Need to enhance your Fleet Efficiency, Compliance and Security.

Track, analyze and optimize your fleet operations with Eagle-I fleet management and tracking solution.

Create the schedule for periodic maintenances and renewals with Eagle-i, Service and Renewal package

Looking to optimize your delivery routes? Determine the most cost-efficient route with Eagle-I route management system.

It is impractical task to monitor the whole fleet 24×7. Rather investing on man power and control rooms, let Eagle-I advance tracking and fleet management system monitor your fleet with accuracy.

Having the ability to monitor and analyze data is very important when it comes to keep track of your fleet vehicles.

Keep tabs on daily operations and control access with fine-grained permissions.

Integration of the Carbon Emission Module with the CAN data, enables the vantage view of Carbon Emissions in a given time, fuel consumed, distance travelled in a single dashboard.