Carbon Emission

Know what your fleet’s carbon footprint is!

Play your part in reducing the carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change with Eagle-IoT carbon emission module – the perfect addition to your fleet manager’s arsenal.

Monitor carbon emissions and Track fuel usage.

Eagle-IoT understands the importance of achieving net zero and is in line with the Saudi Green Initiative.

Integration of the Carbon Emission Module with the CAN data, enables the vantage view of Carbon Emissions in a given time, fuel consumed, distance travelled in a single dashboard.

Add multiple carbon factors for each fuel type with validity ranges.

Stay compliant with government mandates

Monitor idling by jurisdiction with GPS

Measure emissions with pre-built reports

Monitor assets remotely and reduce emissions

Minimize onsite trips, optimize equipment efficiency, and reduce emissions with remote monitoring and control.

View operational diagnostics in real-time
Optimize efficiency with custom KPIs
Troubleshoot with dashboard controls

Enhance your fuel economy: measure and monitor your fleet’s carbon emissions.