Axle load monitoring

Access all information about cargo transportation process with Eagle-I axle load monitoring system

Axle load monitoring of heavy transport is always considered as one of the major components of Telematics. Eagle-I offers axle load monitoring system to the owners of fleet of public transport, commercial vehicles and trucks, construction machines, municipal vehicles to monitor cargo transportation process in details with the precision of 90% as instructed by Public Transport Authority (Saudi Arabia).

Whether your vehicle have spring leaf axle or pneumatic axle, Eagle-I offers reliable solution for both.

Eagle-I offers the high-tech sensor for spring leaf axles, which is installed on the differential axle to monitor the change in height of that axle as the weight increases.

For pneumatic axles, pressure sensor is installed to measure the air in the axle balloons which increases as the weight on axle increases.

The data from sensor is transferred to the servers through Eagle-I tracking device and the axle load is displayed on the Eagle-I platform in Kgs.

Reveal underhand cargo

Prevent fines for exceeding load per axle and reveal underhand cargo

Monitor loading and unloading of the vehicles

User can see where and when the driver got the load and vice versa.

Optimize cargo load

Use maximum capacity of vehicle

Alarm signal

Get live notifications about actual load carried along with location.

A trip report can be generated based on exact time and location, providing you the access to monitor where the weight changed and how much.