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The Eurosens Degree Bt wireless tilt angle sensor is designed to measure the angular position of parts and mechanisms relative to the gravity vector and transmit this data over a 2.4 GHz radio channel Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The sensor is self-powered from a built-in battery.

Sensor modifications:

The sensor measures 3 tilt angles of the coordinate axes relative to the gravity vector. Pay attention to the possibility of measuring various deviations of the object – measurement is possible only if the position of the sensor changes relative to the gravity vector

We cannot detect when the door opens because angle to the gravity vector remains the same

The sensor transmits the measured values of 3 angles relative to the gravity vector using the BLE protocol and is compatible with such GPS tracking devices terminals as Teltonika, SMART (Navteletom), Neomatica, Fort-Monitor and others. Check compatibility with our technical support. Sensor sends these parameters to a GPS tracker over BLE-protocol: Angle X, Angle Y, Angle Z, number of events, number of chains,

Name of parameterValue
Radio frequency2,4 GHz
Battery voltage3 … 3,7V
Data interfaceBluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Sensitivity of receiver /power of transmitter-96 дБм / +4 дБм
Data protocolAdvertising-packet (see Appendix 1)
Connection range (in direct visibility)10 meters
Tilt angle measurement error±1°
Temperature measurement error±1°C
Number of records of events (for devices with datalogger function)900
Operation temperature range– 40 … + 85 0С
IP protection classIP67
Dimensions100 х 54 х 34
Weight, kg0,3

In addition to measuring the tilt angles, the sensor determines Events and Chains of events. An event is detected when angle  have gone beyond the specified boundaries. One event can be configured for each of the axes (X, Y, Z). When an event occurs, the event counter is incremented by one. A chain of events is the fulfillment of the conditions of a sequence of events separated by time intervals. For each of the events, an axis of angle measurement, an angle value and a comparison type (<,>) are specified. The maximum waiting time for the next condition is also set.

First event of the chain : angle <100 than waiting for 5 seconds for the next event
Second event of the chain : angle >100 Expecting next event in 3 seconds
Last event of the chain : angle >150

When a chain of events is executed, the chain counter is incremented by one. The numbers of events and event chains are transmitted over the BLE protocol. So, you don’t need to process X,Y,Z angle values in your tracking software to detect an event. Moreover frequent data transmission could drain the battery. We recommend to setup the internal event/chain of events detection engine to avoid missing the important events. Eurosens Degree Bt can be configured with smartphone with Bluetooth with installed Eurosens Degree Bt configurator.

Special operation mode : Concrete delivery monitoring

Special operation mode: special machinery monitoring