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Top four reasons why thermal mapping is mandatory

When you belong to the industry dealing in thermal sensitive products, maintaining a specific range of temperature is not only essential but is mandatory to ensure the effective working of your controlled storage systems. Temperature shifts can be drastic for warehouses and cold storages. Thermal mapping ensures the effectiveness of refrigeration units and fluctuations of temperature and humidity in those area, so you can make the required adjustments to assure the quality of your product. 

Besides this Eagle-IoT thermal mapping technique can help in determining door opening interval and frequency, potential role change of cold store, rack placements, placement of thermal monitors. 

Here are top 4 reasons why thermal mapping is mandatory: 

Protects Perishables 

With the expanding global market, demand of perishable products has outgrown worldwide. To ensure effective cold chain management complete visibility and traceability is incredibly important which is only possible when technology is integrated and data is exchanged. There can be several factors (such as weather, location or layout, cooling equipment, air circulation, product quantity etc) contributing to temperature fluctuation of facility. Eagle-IoT thermal mapping service ensures these variations to be mapped, analysed and corrected in the entire system as well as specific points, to ensure effective storage conditions are established, implemented, and maintained. 

Guarding against vulnerabilities 

Since maintaining temperature integrity is critical for the effective cold chain logistics, it is high time to have proper coordination in all phases of supply chain. From farmer/harvester or producer to the ultimate seller, shares responsibility and contribute towards the freshness of product. Eagle-IoT monitors and manages your cold chain shipments from door opening event to route selection and providing you weather info in advance with its weather layer to avoid jeopardize shipment stability. Eagle-IoT thermal mapping service ensures to map, analyse and maintain the temperature integrity from your controlled storage unit to logistics to assure the quality of product not to be compromised. 

Regulatory Compliance 

Beside what is best practice, temperature mapping is a regulatory compliance requirement now. The Saudi Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) requires manufacturers, processors, and packagers of pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, food, cosmetics and animal feed to make sure the product is safe for use, and that it has the ingredients and strength it claims to have. 

Identify Areas of Risk 

Maintaining temperature integrity is critical but identifying the possible potential risk areas are also vital. Areas such as heaters, lighting, windows and doors, loading bays, CD rooms, packing areas, returns and quarantine or high storage areas such as mezzanine floors should also be mapped  

Eagle-IoT offer temperature mapping service for Warehouses, Freezers, Trucks, Reefers, Chillers and Cold Storages. 

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