Fleet Data and Industry Trends in 2022!

Covid-19 has expedited the digitalization of numerous industries. The fleet industry has also undergone a renaissance over the past two years. Telematics has proved itself now more than a tracking and cost-cutting tool for managers. The data-driven fleet assets have transformed the industry in 2022, requiring data-enabled infrastructure and data ecosystem to redesign the transportation economy to keep the operations well-organized and efficient, thereby keeping the economy going.

Data is the new currency of the 21st century. To outperform the competitors, businesses need to derive useful insights from the gathered data to manage it effectively. Data monetization based on business models is no longer confined to Silicon Valley behemoths. Connected cars which were once a vague promise have now improved safety and efficiency determined fleet sustainability (carbon emission) and regulated compliance.Yet, we are only successful in tapping the tip of the data iceberg!Some of the latest tech trends established themselves as a game changer for fleet operations in 2022, reducing monotonous tasks, and ultimately making life easier for fleet managers:

TSP marketplaces

In 2022, we have seen telematics service providers such as Eagle-IoT expanding marketplaces for third-party fleet applications such as fuel management, route planning, maintenance, video telematics, carbon emission monitoring, thermal mapping and more. These marketplaces provide fleets with access to solutions through a pre-integrated dashboard on their existing telemetry systems, avoiding the need for costly corporate solutions with separate connections. The management access to real-time critical information (a dashboard) and data on vehicles, monotonous tasks can be transformed into the seamless functioning of telematics.

High-speed data towers (5G)

The bandwidth requirements of fleets have mounted. Vehicles that used to generate 10 MB a month with a fleet device on a 2G network can now generate 25 GB of data per hour. Although data needs of connected devices are well managed by 3G and 4G networks, but rapid data transfer switches the decision-making from reactive to predictive, opening the pathways for advanced telematics and predictive maintenance.

ML and AI managing fleet

ML and AI has added value to all aspects of the fleet data. Eagle-I has incorporated these technologies to analyse and score the drivers’ performance and schedule the best routes through route Optimization. With Eagle-I ML-trained models, drivers can be assigned and dispatched to their destinations. Fleet operators can leverage AI to exploit the data gathered, to optimize the fleet’s overall financial and operational performance by maximizing uptime and revenue miles.

Smart fleet management systems such as Eagle-IoT based on ML and AI are more capable of recognizing diagnostics issues than traditional ones. Fleet managers are capable of making better overall judgments when they can access the larger picture of the fleet in one place.

Big Data analytics

Once fleet data was stored in ledgers and hard drives which were then analysed by fleet management companies for decision-making and to set metrics for fleet customers. However, with the growth of telematics, fleet operators can now gather larger data sets and parse them by region, driver, fuel type, mileage, and vehicle class. Without data mining and data analysing platforms such as Eagle-IoT, the achievements of monitoring the live location of vehicles, planning optimized routes, providing online traffic and weather condition assistance to drivers, and supporting telematics-related industries (such as auto insurance) could be next to impossible. Data without analysis and reporting is meaningless. To discover the worth of data, one needs to have access to platforms such as Eagle-IoT, capable of data mining and data analysing.
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