Weather Layer

When road is your workplace then being productive, efficient, and safe in all the seasons is the urge of fleet drivers.

Weather has direct impact on any fleet,

Weather layer is a map layer which offers you an insight into the current weather in your fleet’s area.

Weather layer is part of Eagle-I’s dashboard which equips you with the information you need and when you need it, to run your fleet safely and efficiently. The feature is part of Eagle-I dashboard, at no extra cost to you

With this additional weather data, you can:

  • Keep your drivers safe by navigating them out of potential weather hazards
  • Enhance the efficiency of fleet by avoiding unforeseen road-blocks due to inclement weather.


  • Stay informed with instantaneous weather information on local phenomena and danger
  • Eagle-I weather layer has capability to identify every weather situation

Eagle-I Weather layer is compatible with the complete line of Eagle-IoT hardware and software.

Keep your fleet alert.

Look for weather icon in the Eagle-I dashboard