Auto Fleet Management

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For making the right optimal decision, keep an insight about your under-utilized and over utilized assets.

To ensure the best out of your assets, Eagle-I provides you in-depth analysis of utilization of your asset. With proper utilization analysis, you can get large dividends along with a more productive and efficient fleet capable of responding to any challenge the company might face.
Eagle-i has extensive experience in fleet management and has the report that will give you the overall overview of the fleet utilization. Reports are exportable into multiple formats like XLS, PDF, CSV and more.

Reports can be sorted and customized in ascending and descending order as per utilization or distance travelled.

With Eagle-I ensure the utilization analysis at a single click.
Utilization of an asset can be represented in three way:

Optimize the cost of ownership and utilization rate by knowing the details of what is going on with your fleet.

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